15 May 2016

away at the coast.

a vintage trailer gathering is
taking place on the coast in mendocino.
.we're there now.

heartfelt thank you's for your kind words recently. our daughter's birthday wasn't easy for us .. as you can imagine. but through it all i know what it feels like to have my heart held close by my Lord. i'm bolstered by the encouragement and prayer offered by family and friends. thank you for caring even when i'm silent. 

with tenderness,


Debbie said...

I can't help but envy you in your little trailer travels. And you are blessed with so many good opportunities in weather and beautiful places to go. We have to go a little farther.....:D

Patti said...

Such an awesome trailer! I hope you have a fantastic time on your little getaway.

I just discovered your blog last week, and even though I'm in a season of not blogging myself and cutting way back on my blog reading, I felt a real desire to "follow" you. Your blog is simple, yet classy and elegant, and what I've read has really touched my heart. Expect to see me around regularly.

And I know what you mean about being held close by the Lord. I honestly don't know how people get through life's heartbreaks without faith in Jesus.


the uncommon pearl said...

Held close in prayer and heart <3
Enjoy some time of refreshment at the coast {{{hugs}}}