05 May 2016

just thoughts.

* meeting a dear friend at 10, at a favorite coffee house. koinonia. looking so forward. i first met her at church about 16 years ago. shortly after i saw her from afar in a grocery store and steered my cart to another aisle because i forgot her name! she may remember that story.. anyway, about 4 years ago she and her family moved to the south. just before they moved, we met for coffee, and during the 4 years apart have become close in tangible ways, praying for one another and our families, sharing biblical truth and the importance of not responding to the tickling of ears as it relates to those who would otherwise share absolute truth. i treasure her .. and our long distance friendship that is now in the same zip code. and i'm happy to say i've since remembered her name. wink.

* prepared and delivered a 'welcome home' meal only to realize later that save for the salad, the meal was completely beige. roast chicken, whipped potatoes, gravy, biscuits .. and salad. yep. beige. my intent was comfort food and i think i delivered on that notion .. but the meal wasn't as colorful as usual. again, save for the salad. 

* realizing that today is the 5th of may and tacos are in order rather than leftover chicken soup. yUm.

* errands .. bank, grocer, maybe a stop at holly bobby (as my hubby refers to hobby lobby)

* cool mornings past few days .. overcast sky .. rain is on its way through saturday. thrilled!

* working at the shop saturday with a gal i've come to thoroughly enjoy.

* the past 5 years i've not had happy mother's days and this year will be no different, on a personal level. but. i have a precious mama and love her so! wish she lived nearby .. so the hubs and i could spoil her on that special day. 

* waiting to learn when the memorial for my auntie will be - and hoping the logistics will work out so i can attend. flights, ground transportation, lodging. would love to be there but short term planning can sometimes tax the bank account so...

* puffs lotion infused tissue. 

* allergies.. asthma..

* puffs vicks infused tissue. do not, again i say do not dab your eyes with these particular tissues. there should be a warning on the pretty box for ninnies like me. eye roll.

* thinking of shaving my head rather than washing my hair today. takes forever and a string of tomorrows to dry. 

* coffee with the hubs before he heads off to work. every morning. one of my favorite times of day with my favorite person. 

* fixer upper season 3. found it on amazon and thought it a wise purchase. ahem. great inspiration, ideas, and entertainment. that chip guy is mostly pretty funny.

* a close to my heart dear friend visited magnolia the shop, with her daughter. i'm rather jealous.. in a good way! one day i'd love to visit that area of texas. 

* thinking about retirement .. my hubs. we're on the 2-4 year plan depending on important factors, at which time we'll sell the house & most everything in it, putting the rest in temp-controlled storage, and hit the road dragging our 55 boles behind us. at that time we'll visit many of you which is something i've personally wanted to do for quite some time. oh. wait!! why are you locking your doors and shutting your blinds?! we'll also figure out where to retire for the entire nation is open to our whim..

* happy to have found an eyebrow pencil that actually does what i want it to do with ease. it's the little things in life.

* the breeze blows steady this morning and if i close my eyes i can imagine the sound is that of breaking waves upon the northern california shore. vitamin sea in my mind's eye. 

* looking forward to a smallish vintage trailer rally way north on the coast. worth the 5 hour one way drive for a 2 night stay.

* looking forward to gathering with my sisters etc to celebrate my mother's 85th birthday. ♥


  1. Love hearing your "thoughts". We love love love Fixer Upper here. My 17 year old son watches with me, which is odd and goofy but he loves it as much as I do. And yay for the eyebrow pencil because anytime we can stumble upon a make up item that works they way we want it to is cause for rejoicing!

    1. clark watches with me .. he says it's because he wants to be with me but secretly (or not so secretly now) i think chip is his humor-mentor. ;)

      we need to {re}schedule our coffee date. soon. next week sometime?

  2. I love hearing your thoughts. My door is NEVER locked to you! You are welcome whenever your travels bring you my way. Have a great day, sweet friend. Wish I was close enough to join you at Hobby Bobby!

    1. oh good. cuz i'm on your doorstep. ;)

  3. Our door is always open here too! Can't wait to hug you! I'll probably cry because you're so dear to me!

    I enjoyed your thoughts this morning!

    1. you're on the MUST list! big hug... :)

  4. Replies
    1. backatcha, friend. :)
      loved our 3 hour coffee time.

  5. random thoughts (what eye pencil is a good one?), crazy....in a good way!...heart warming and tender.....all wrapped up in what makes you, YOU.
    Love you dearly <3

    1. i'll take a picture and email it to you
      with the info. :)

  6. Enjoyed this post so very much.
    I do believe that many are downsizing and making plans for doing something else! I am on the same page. Laboring at downsizing. A complete work-out. I know we will get where we're suppose to be, it's taking muscle, planning and sweat. After this week-end we begin another phase of getting closer to our goal.

    All the best and God bless,

    1. some things are more challenging to downsize than others..
      i find i must be almost brutal in my attempt. sigh.


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