27 June 2016

a little change..

saturday we spent the morning working on projects for our 55 boles trailer .. a trip to the hardware store, fabricating wheel skirts (pictures in an upcoming post), upcycling some original wood for other uses using a table saw, router, and sander (pictures also in that upcoming post), painting chalk blocks and leveling wood (that too will be featured in an upcoming post). 

it was heating up fast (we're in for some seriously warm weather .. like, just this side of hades warm) so i made tuna salad over romaine with sides of carrots, celery, and an apricot each. refreshing. we shared a large glass of iced tea. 

because i didn't get  much sleep the night before (what else is new) i took time for a short nap with the fur-girlie .. after which the hubs said he was ready to help rearrange our bedroom furniture, in response to an early morning request. 
so up and at 'em, we got to work. 

the heavy winter comforter has been dry-cleaned and is in our closet awaiting cool temps. in its place is a vintage chenille spread that appears every summer. found it years ago for a few dollars at a thrift store. it remains in excellent condition. 

the old sage picture is now on another wall, with my great grandmother's wicker chair below. 

a few months back i purchased lights to go above the bed .. better reading light and more room on the nightstands. will be putting something between the lights - not sure of what just yet.

oh. the hubs put the pillows on the bed.

ignore the loose lamp wire in the picture ..
instead, focus on the adorableness 
of my fur-girlie, sweet evelyn.
yes, her bed is next to my side.
yes, that's a white sheet.
yes, that's a comfy layer.
yes, that's a pillow.
all for her.

till we meet again,


Miss Michelle said...

Oh, that chenille bedspread. I love how clean & refreshingly simple your lovely décor is. I love seeing it other's homes because it's something I just can't commit to...I have this thing with color... But the whites are so peaceful...

I can not wait to see the trailer progress! I would just love a vintage camper one day...

Michelle ^-^

Sherry said...

there's yellow and gray and a fruitwood stain furniture set. all color. wink. in the cooler months the heavy comforter is on the bed and it's mainly yellow but has super thin red stripes. the rest of the house has more color.. well, for the most part anyway. i'd prefer my home to be mostly white but a very tall man lives here who prefers some depth of tone and i'm happy to comply. for the most part. ahem.

Patti said...

Love love love that wicker chair! I'm on the hunt for something like that, as I am converting my daughter's bedroom to a library (she got married in October and has moved all her things). A wicker chair is a longed-for addition to that space.

I like the idea of having a summer and winter bedspread. I always use the same thing year-round. After nearly 20 years of the same thing, I was really sick of it, so I got something new about 2 months ago. But by changing the room up seasonally, it would keep things fresh and new on a regular basis.

Fur-girlie is beautiful!!

Blessings on your day,

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It looks lovely and relaxing but that gorgeous doggie makes it over the top beautiful. Shhhh... don't tell Victoria I said something nice about a d.o.g. ;)

Sherry said...

our cooler month comforter is *very* heavy so there's no way we could use it during summer. not with the heat we expect every blessed summer. blech.. but in the cooler months that extra weight is like a big ole hug.

i was so happy to become the owner of my great grandmother's chair. she was such a precious lady - this chair was in the 'summer house' in the back yard. a screened in house to protect from mosquitoes while us littles ran up and down her garden paths playing tag and catching fire flies. sweet memories.

i told evelyn you think she's beautiful. she blushed.

Sherry said...

mums the word, missy! i shant share with Queen Victoria your unabashed pleasure in viewing my own sweet Queen Evelyn. wink.

after making the bed this morning i stood back and simply smiled. i like the room. changes are nice sometimes.

Deanna said...

Love your room! Peaceful and pleasant.
Oh so beautiful.
Glad you shared...now I must take a nap.

Sherry said...

with my wicker chair (nicely situated) i'm hoping to spend a bit of time there mid mornings. that's the plan anyway...

Cheryl said...

Love, love, love your bed!! Certainly, take a nap!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Sherry I enjoy your style of sharing. Looking good for the Summer and your fur girl deserves the best.

Sherry said...

i didn't get a nap today .. amazingly.
especially since i spent the better part of 5 hours
in broiling heat (104 today) in the garage, working
on my 50s teardrop trailer and getting other things
ready to sell and organizing an area of absolute
mess. whew. no nap. sniff.

Sherry said...

that fur girl kept and is keeping me alive. if you know what i mean and i do believe you do. {{{hug}}}

Burlap Luxe said...

The feeling of a country B&B, and I would love to be a guest.
You have it soo serene here, not a bit of clutter to distract you from your day of thinking.

See you soon my dear, would love to heat what's next for you in designs.

See you soon

Sherry said...

thank you, dore.
i've read that one should make their bedroom
resemble that which they'd feel comfortable
in while traveling - as you said, like a b&b
(or spa like). it's been a long time coming..
but it's happening. i think. ;)

Jonell Harrison said...

I'm drawn to the bedroom spruce up- That was my long dreamed of project a year ago-snagged my daughter for a few days when she was recording an hour away and we finally, finally got it together-well about 98% done. I'm still needing the perfect size vintage glass knobs for my antique low boy (I think that's what it's called) dresser-oak but painted a shade of white. You can find pictures more than you want to see by checking summertime blog posts last year/also pinterest. About the Chenille bedspread...ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. I couldn't find a vintage in good shape so mine was new made still by one of the old companies..that was almost 10 yrs ago. No regrets, it's like yours...perfection. that's all !

Deanna Rabe said...

I love your room! It's beautiful and serene. The sage looks good on the other wall, with that lovely wicker.

The Duchess is so sweet. Of course she has her own pillow and beautiful bed.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your great grandmother's wicker chair is a treasure, Sherry. Your bedroom looks very nice, and I like the bedspread on here. It looks like a cool one for these hot summer months here in California. I sure do like that picture on the wall also. And your doggy is sweet with such a beautiful coat of hair.

Happy summer days, my friend.


Sherry said...

i'm making note to check out your summertime blog posts..
i have a collection of crystal door knobs of which i know i'll find
a dandy use..one day. can't get rid of them. need to keep all
(most) of the pretties.

i have 2 chenille bedspreads for our 55 boles which boasts twin beds.
identical spreads. wow - those were such a find.

Sherry said...

thank you .. the hubs has mentioned more than a few times how much he likes the new layout, colors, and feel of the room. :) that evie (or duchess as you refer to her) is such a precious fur-girl.

Sherry said...

that beautiful coat of hair .. like farah faucet's locks .. receives daily tending with *lots* of brushies using 3 different types. sigh. but worth it.. and she loves the attention.

it sure is hot, sheri. ugh. i worked in the garage a couple days ago and was one ripe, sweaty, disgusting mess. ew. not a fan of the high heat.

the uncommon pearl said...

Your master retreat is truly lovely and peaceful. I'm viewing on my tiny winy phone so the wall color is hard to see. What brand and color chip is it? I've been out of the loop the past few weeks, but for good reason. My sweetheart should be setting up my computer so I can get back to the web world! I'm excited to see how the trailer remodel is coming!

Sherry said...

hi there sweet friend.. :) the wall color is Devonshire Cream - just a light cream tone that we use on some walls, door jams, doors, and ceiling. plain jane. curious as to your good reason for being out of the loop. hope all is well now. {{{.hug.}}}

Anonymous said...

LOVE the changes...but then everything you do is always *lovely*. My favorite thing about your doggie-girl is her crooked smile. She was *definitely* meant to be in your family. <3

Sherry said...

you're very kind... thanks for the sweet compliment, michele.
that crooked smile melts me every time. hope your day is lovely. like you.

Adrienne said...

Catching up after a few days away without a connection. I LOVE what you've done with your room. So restful (is that a word?) and calm. Add Miss Evie and you've got a winner, dear friend. You've started something, I fear. Now I must search for a 'summer' spread for my bed! Chenille would be perfect!

Sherry said...

restful is indeed a word. and even if it wasn't, you could 'coin' it as such. plenty of chenille on etsy.com ......... ♥

Burlap Luxe said...

Love the mix of modern and country. The country craft-men's look of your pencil post canopy and armoire is anchored in country best with the white wicker and the modern accessories with window, lamp and accent pieces.
Yes that fur baby is set up in great bedroom fashion.

See you soon dear, what room is next?


Sherry said...

thanks dore. :)
i actually love making my bed and look forward to
retiring for the night. all because of a few changes. hm.