10 June 2016

peeking in.

to say . .
hm. guess i'm taking an
unexpected break. 
plenty has been happening.
day to day stuff, a bit of travel
near and far, refurbing that teardrop,
prepping for a vintage trailerite campout
in a place that's much cooler than
the recent 106 temp of the world
in which i live, simple meals, 
allergies to the max, my mother's
85th birthday, quiet, time for thinking
thoughts but not sharing, loving on
that sweet man and darling dog,
stuff i'm unable to share with you, 
missing my daughter,
wishing my house would clean itself,
early morning pour over - extra strong,
the times i consider cutting my
hair to 1 inch on my head .. those times
happen during 106 temps with no
delta breeze in the evening to cool
off a person, hmpfh, painting my
toenails a lovely sheer peach, then
wearing my crocs that cover them up,
a smallish jug of iced tea every day,
needing to edit about a gazillion pictures
  sadly though - ample time not made,
relishing a little bit in putting things off,
downsizing a bit more here and there,
from the heart conversations with
those i hold dear, holding hands with my dearest, 
realizing anew that God has everything in His capable embrace,
struggling in particulars, first of the season
laundry on the lines outside, 
the utter euphoria of line dried laundry,
the sound of the fur-girlie snoring ..
these things, and so much more,
fill my days to the brim and overflow
to the banks below. 

back sometime soon .. 


elizabeth said...

❤️❤️❤️ Love to you!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Enjoy your blogging break - I just returned from mine!

Adrienne said...

I love peeking into your world a bit, sweet friend!

Miss Michelle said...

Sounds like the Lord has filled your life with good things.

Red Rose Alley said...

It sounds like all these things are speaking to your heart. Cherish your quiet time; it's something we need now and then. I will be here when you return, dear.


*I just cleared out a bunch of pictures as well. Feels so much better. :)

Deanna said...

Hello Dear Lady! The 1 inch hair I have done before and am considering again....think about it. Thinking really hard about it. Blessings to you. I enjoyed reading your post today,

Susan said...

It sounds like a full to the brim life. Simple pleasures mixed with hard work, plus heartache.

And the Lord's hands, holding it all together.

Prayers for you, now.

Deanna Rabe said...

Your are living your life to the full, it sounds like to me. Hard things, good things, real things, life indeed.

You are loved....

Anonymous said...

I think you said more in this real life little blurp than any organized post could have ever said... It speaks volumes to the romantics and the realist. xoxoxo

Debbie said...

Ok, your temps are a little higher than mine, but miserable is miserable. Sounds like you are a busy and a little low. That will change, you know it always does. We have company right now and they are keeping me busy. Wish we lived closer.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Please don't cut your beautiful hair! You are so pretty! I am 55 and I will always and forever have long hair, Forever!!! Hope all is well!- J.V. from Camarillo,Ca.

Anonymous said...

Lord Bless you on your break and with all you have goin on. God does have it all in His capable hands. So true. It is me trustin Him fully and completely that i have a difficult time with!! 106 is stinkin hot. Ain't quiet that here in GA, but glory is it hot and dry!! Have a wonderful and blessed campin trip!! ~tammy life is so hard and yet i know it is a gift and so wonderful. May His joy and comfort yours dear woman!!

Anonymous said...


Jonell Harrison said...

Hey, hey dear blogger friend...so what you need to do lady! I have also been here and there and about- in and out and home again ...such are "the days of our lives." ( lol at me ) may I say AGAIN...just delightful plus more delightful! Crazy days, lazy days (sometimes too few then not enough) I too shall return..will find my way back because you are memorable!!

Anonymous said...

Lots and lots going on. Me too! Life is just plain hard sometimes. Love you!