24 June 2016

this is all i have..

i've nothing witty or pithy or otherwise
interesting to say ... i'm a bit dry in the
writing and sharing department.
and the thinking department too,
so it appears..
but i do have a picture of my breakfast.

egg over medium - 
more on the side of well done by 
30 extra seconds which to me is near perfection.
kale, with out the stems of course, 
thrown in with the egg for about 
a minute before done happened.
and a sprinkle of mediterranean feta.

"Keep the ones who heard 
you when you never said a word." 


  1. Praying for you!! With love!! ~tammy

  2. Love that quote! The ones who heard you when you never said a word are the ones who heard your heart.

    Praying for you...I can't imagine the enormity of the pain you live with each day.

    Patti @ Embracing Home

  3. Love your foodie photos, but I love you more!

  4. Sherry such a profound quote, your words will come soon but your hearts essence is felt in today's post.

  5. "and if not, He is still good " (Daniel 3) sometimes this is all i have strength to say and sometimes not even then. . .
    may you see Daniel's God, relentlessly faithful, passionately protecting, going before, standing with, all around, beneath, behind, and covering. love you.

  6. Love the quote, has me rethinking it and over thinking it.
    Even without nothing to say, you still had a way with your words with what words you did write.
    Great foodie photo and healthy.


  7. <3 I have no words to offer you either. Just love & prayer. <3

  8. That is one delicious looking breakfast! Must get some eggs... And that quote is terrific, snagging it for my quote journal.


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