25 July 2016

at 5pm. or near enough..

"Elizabeth stuck a card in the 
middle of the rose-bowl that said in pretty letters, 
"Welcome Home," 
stood back a minute to see how everything looked, 
and then fluttered to the door to watch for the car."

p125 of The Enchanted Barn 
by Grace Livingston Hill

♥     ♥     ♥

my love is on his way home from work, probably driving the 'river road' - leaving the rush hour gridlock to those not in the know (of the river road) and experiencing great frustration in the late afternoon sacramento high temperature. poor souls.

i watered the garden areas this morning thinking a good drink will do them well and carry the foliage through to tomorrow. it is not to be. sad face. at 3pm i went out back and saw that particular plants were in distress. grabbing my watering can i filled three times total and fed the plants. poor dears.

i have an alfredo & spinach pasta dish in the crock pot .. it's much too hot to turn the oven on! rotelle, ricotta, spinach, alfredo (home made), herbs, sundried tomatoes, mozarella .. i'll share pictures and the recipe another day. pinky promise.

as soon as i hit 'post' i'll walk down the hall to the kitchen and make a caesar salad to go along with the pasta dish. this will lend us another dinner for tomorrow, and a lunch portion for the hubs. 



Cheryl said...

What a sweet and thoughtful (and yummy!) welcome home!!

Miss Michelle said...

My dad has *secret roads* that take him to & from workie that ease the burden of a country guy working in the city. They take a lil more time & a few more miles...but peace...worth the cost.

I'm gonna hold you to that pinky promise, k? Cuz that sounds delish.

Michelle ^_^
Delightful Handwork

Deanna said...

Our temps cooled a tad after a heavy thunderstorm early this morning. We so needed it as we were dying on the vine! Your meal will be delicious. Tonight we had crockpot ham 'n beans, cornbread and fried potatoes....hubby's favorite meal next to steak. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the recipe!
What? We are sharing the Sacramento heat?
Always fun to find local people on-line😃

Sherry said...

the dog hears his jeep before i do..! i first hear her heavy breathing and tail whapping against the wall, door, or really any object that will promote noise. then we both go out to the garage to welcome the tall man... her with wiggles and whines and snorts. i'm much more subdued. much. much.

Sherry said...

the pasta dish turned out better than i thought it would. :)
didn't take pics .. too hungry wanted to eat! but i'll take
pics of the leftovers, k? pinky promise.

and yes, my hub describes it as "the secret backway" ..

Sherry said...

my husband would *love* that meal you enjoyed tonight. me? i'll take the beans and cornbread and call it happy! yUm.

i remember thunderstorms as a little girl in illinois. we'd have to crack the windows t/o the house just in case of a tornado - - or some such thing. as i recall.

Sherry said...

looking through your blog it certainly appears that we're most likely in the same county, yes! but this sacramento heat...? oh dear. ugh. like a perpetual hot flash.

Deanna Rabe said...

We are sharing your heat, though not quite as bad as yours! We've had heat and humidity and some humdingers of Thunderstorms! Thankful for A/C and easy summer meals that don't require us to turn the oven on!

Sherry said...

the humidity makes the temps beyond the hope of comfort. i feel for you! in my area the 100s (102-106) are happening until saturday when it's to cool down to a balmy 98. humidity is in the low 30s all week. need to go water my pretties in the garden ..

Adrienne said...

How I wish I could share our 'warm' and sunny - cooler-than-yours - weather with you! I love the quote from Grace Livingston Hill. Did you know that my dear mama owns every one of her books in hardback. She rereads them often these days and they always bring such enjoyment. Perhaps I should read them again, too. Dinner sounded yummy. Wish I could drop by and share the leftovers with you!

Sherry said...

that's a **LOT** of grace livingston hill books!
i have a few .. my favorite is the enchanted barn.
i believe i've read it 4 maybe 5 times.

Anonymous said...

My favorite GLH is Homing. Although I adore The Honor Girl too. The recipe sounds delish!!! I'm holding you to that pinkie swear. <3

Sherry said...

I was introduced to this author by a coworker while in my early twenties working as a bank teller. During breaks and lunch we'd scramble to the break room and while devouring our lunches we'd also devour books by this sweet writer. Good memory. And about a million years ago.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your pasta dish sounds delicious, Sherry. I love sundried tomatoes! I also made bow-ties with alfredo sauce tonight, but I'm afraid it wasn't as good as yours because I didn't make it with chicken. :) Yes, it's been very hot here lately. Let us try to stay cool, ok?


Sherry said...

the pasta was rather yUmmy, i admit. the sundried tomatoes always add a certain extra something, don't they? :) bow-ties with alfredo? yum! i believe pasta stands alone just fine w/o the chicken, sheri!! i didn't use chicken either. and yes...it's tOasTY in these here parts. whew.

Vee said...

ahhhh...The Enchanted Barn...my favorite GLH book. I like how you know the ways your husband will be wending his way home. The River Road...perfect end-of-work-day way...

Sherry said...

he arrives home less stressed, as gridlock traffic has a tendency to incite frustration. and, it's such a pretty drive on the river road. thankful not many know about it.

Jonell Harrison said...

Thank you again for allowing us into your thought process as you do your thing so beautifully...I have to have that dish;...I'm thinking I have to have the whole dish...all to myself...all of it!!!

Sherry said...

come over and i'll make that dish for you... i'll make two. one for you one for me. the hubs? he'll be away on business. :) and there ya go.