08 July 2016

you .&. me

and so ..
holly bobby was calling my name - 
that's what my husband calls hobby lobby -
and i found a little something to put
above our bed. marked $4 in the clearance
aisle - it needed a bit of paint to cover
unfortunate gouges in a few places.
i have paint. i touched it up.
the hubs hung it up.
and there ya go.

july 9 will mark 28 years of marriage for us.
we met one another 46 years ago come september...we were 12. long story for another post from another dimension in time.
for now .. we celebrate a strong,
imperfect, delightful, journeyed,
marriage of two hearts
under the guidance and grace
of a loving God.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Sherry. Your anniversary and Nel's birthday are the same day! I like the print you found at Hobby Lobby. I just went there for wedding candles. Love that store. Have a beautiful day tomorrow, my friend. It's a special one for sure.


    1. hAppy birthday to your dear Nel, Sheri. :)
      we'll be going out for coffee in the morning,
      and dinner in the bigger city. in between we'll
      be working on a few projects here at home. and
      taking evelyn the precious pooch for a morning walk.

  2. Happy anniversary! May you have a beautiful, joy-filled celebration!

    My husband and I celebrated our 30th back in February, but y'all definitely have us beat on years having known each other. That's really neat---childhood friends. High school sweethearts maybe?

    Wishing you many more blessed years together.


    1. i'll share our story in a future post ..
      but a hint is .. we were not high school sweethearts. :)
      thank you for your kind thoughts, patti. it means so much.
      30 years married for you and your hubby. wonderful!!!

  3. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. Love your sign - it's perfect!

    1. big hug for you, Ad.
      thank you. :)

  4. Love this sweet sign. It's perfect in your room and for less than a cup of coffee! I love those bargain aisles!
    May sweet moments grace today and remind you of the goodness and love of God for you both.

    1. thank you dear friend.. :)
      we're enjoying a lovely day.. ♥

  5. Dear Sherry, Many more years together as one. God bless you and may you have a super year ahead of you.

  6. Happy Anniversary! {a day late, sorry.}
    I would absolutely love to hear that story sometime. ^_^
    Great deal on the HobLob find! It's so fun to scour the clearance section.

    Delightful Handwork

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! ~tammy


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