04 August 2016

and on other days..

on the days that grief doesn't 
hang heavy on my shoulders, 
the mere weight - crushing ... 

the days i see life for what it is meant to be, the days i find glitter on sidewalks and i swipe it to spread on my heart, the days where coffee is richer, thoughts of a future are clearer, my husband's embrace dearer, and the presence of the One who has my very existence in the palm of His able hand .. lovelier. those days. bliss.

lovely illustration by Alida Akers
courtesy pinterest. ♥


  1. We do not know each other, except through blogging, yet you come to my mind so often. Please know, every time your cross my mind, I uplift you and your situation to the Lord. May He bring beauty from this situation very soon.


  2. It's wonderful that you see the goodness through all the unsettling and difficult days. How special that is, Sherry.


  3. Rainbows are made of sunshine & rain. Kinda like life. Maybe that's what makes it so beautiful. He's so good. ♡

  4. Praying that these days will be more and more a part of your life.

  5. Thankful for these days for you, Sherry!

    You are a light pointing to Him, and I know that you are a treasure to Him!

  6. The days we can see His blessings are so sweet. I have also come to see that tribulation serves to draw us ever closer. I can look back and see that some of the worst times in my life were the times He was so near. And also at those times I saw that when I was weak, I was strong because of Him. I always know the days I am not surrendering as my eyes are looking at the injustices, the hurts, etc. So counting blessings is a good thing to do at those times. Also, what has kept me going is knowing He is actually using me in the lives of others and the promise of His coming. Blessings to you dearest Sherry. <3

  7. Praise our Eternal God of Glory for those precious times and days!!! Rejoice with those who rejoice :-) !!!! His mercies unending!!! much love and prayer~tammy


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