14 August 2016

new placement for my desk.

.     .     .

moving some things around after a bit 
of downsizing of furniture and smalls 
(accessories, glassware, dishes, clothing), 
with more to come - er - go. one thing we moved is my desk. it's now in the living room against the sidewall and in front of the window. pretty setting. pretty desk. pretty lamp. 
pretty banker's chair that rolls.. 

the desk is a $15 thrift store find..
the chair? it cost considerably more
from the shop in which i work.
the lamp? a few years back at a
mobile boutique gathering. i used
to sell antiques, vintage, upcycles
using a previously owned vintage trailer.
this one :

don't get too excited .. she's no longer up for adoption. my sweet friend peggy 'dopted her. i get visitation rights though it's been a while... hm. this lil darlin' is a 62 totem, a prototype built in british columbia. none other like it. very special. she's 10 feet long tongue to tail, 6 feet wide, 5 feet tall at the highest point inside. she boasts a double bed, kitchen, and closet. such a sweet thing.

.     .     .


Red Rose Alley said...

It's hard to believe those small vintage trailers have kitchens, beds, closets, etc. It sure is cute. And I really like your desk area. Moving a few things around makes all the difference, doesn't it?

Have a wonderful week, Sherry.


Adrienne said...

Love your new desk space. Wish I had a window low enough to look out while I sit here and read your blot. Hmmm. . .maybe I could!

susan said...

Love the idea of a desk in front of a window - so pretty.
And the vintage trailer - how did you let that go? It's so sweet.

copperswife said...

Your desk looks right purty in front of the window!

Cheryl said...

I think I'd get some work done sitting at that pretty desk in front of the window!

Miss Michelle said...

What a pretty desk. It's fun trying to find just the right spot for things. I'm really enjoying having my sewing desk up in my room now. So much more convenient & it just makes me smile to see it sitting there in its cozy corner. ^_^ How fun that you used to sell pretties too. That's sort of a dream of mine. That camper though. How could you ever bear to part with that lil darlin'? ^_~

Michelle ^-^
Delightful Handwork

Deanna Rabe said...

Love this desk and chair and I love your little trailer too!

Deanna said...

i llllooooovvvvvvvveeeee sweet pea!
Love her.
Wish I had her twin.
Your desk and bankers chair are sweet as well.
This downsizing is a real challenge to me. Some days I sigh. Like parting with a huge piece of me.

Vee said...

So darling! But really only five feet high? You could not stand upright?

Sherry said...

yep. 5' tall inside at the highest point. i'm 5'2" and felt like an amazon. but a happy amazon. the trailer is so conducive to cozy camping. she was adopted by my sweet friend who's the same height as me. :)