23 September 2016

a simple meal for 50+ peoples.

it's that time of year when all good
girls and boys who own 
vintage boles aero trailers
gather together in one spot for 
four days to fellowship, dine, 
sit around the bonfire morning 
and night, sleep, tour trailers, have a 
peek & pay at trailer yard sales,
tour a vintage trailer museum
like none other, and generally
have a wonderful time .. 

the rally isn't until about a month
away but that doesn't mean 
planning isn't in full swing. 
oh wow - - full swing indeed. 
you see, i'm the organizer
of the event. and a tad busy.

all meals are provided save for
the first night of sharing appetizers
and lunches. but breakfasts and
dinners? handled.

one night is devoted to
chili & cornbread & a harvest salad.
the chili & cornbread are prepared
and currently cooling. once cooled
i'll package and freeze. 

i used my humongo 
roaster to make the chili. 
i sampled a couple three
okay five ... tastes ... and it
meets with my approval.
smoke & spice (just enough heat)..

eight pans of cornbread should about do it ..
that'll equal 72 servings and since most
everyone loves cornbread, there will be
some extra to finish off. 
what's not to love? ♥

the salad will be dark leafy greens, pepitas, dates, raisins, and a dressing that's out of this world ::
pumpkin vinaigrette

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   ..   .   .   .   .   .   .   ..   .   .   .   .   .   
and that's just one night. wait til you hear about the other nights, and the breakfasts.. ♥ 
there are 2 other chefs in the mix.. what
they bring to the table will knock your socks off.
or at the very least make you swOon and smile.



  1. Okay - we need your chili recipe - it looks really yummy!

  2. You are so very good at food! Wow - simple but delicious!

    That sounds like a wonderful weekend planned. I'm hoping you'll share photos?

  3. I've got my bowl and plate ready😊!Recipes please...
    My that is a humongo roaster!
    Have a refreshing time when you roll with the boles.

  4. Wow, you have really got things under control. Sounds like an awesome time!

  5. You'll have the best time and your food will be so delicious. Sounds like you have this ready to go just need a little time to pass and away you'll go.
    Autumn Blessings,

  6. Wow - sherry,

    That sounds truly amazing - a lot of work and planning for you - but such a FUN sound event!


  7. It all sounds wonderful from the fellowship to the food to the campfire!

  8. Sherry, that chili sure does look good. You know, chili and cornbread is among my favorite dishes. I've never heard of pumpkin vinaigrette dressing, sounds Yummy. The vintage trailer gatherings.......fun times for sure! How special that you're the organizer of the event.


  9. Sounds wonderful! Where, pray tell, do I find pumpkin vinaigrette? Hope the trail up here leads to its source.

  10. I have two of those roasters and they are really handy when cooking for a crowd. I'd love your chili recipe, when you get time. Looks like all will be well fed!

  11. Officially hungry!!!! :-)~tammy


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