28 September 2016

clothe yourselves.

there are some things that need no introduction ...

i call this homemaker grunge.
and i like it. a lot.

but most of all .... this.

{thanks to pinterest-land for all the pics}


Red Rose Alley said...

This list is the best way to clothe ourselves for sure, Sherry. What a cute pic of the little one hehehe. I was a homemaker for many years, so I could totally relate. :)


Patti said...

Yes, without kindness, compassion, humility, patience, and gentleness we are not beautifully dressed, are we?


Deanna Rabe said...

I love it all! The words especially but that little dollbaby with style and swag! I like that outfit very much too, but I'd say its not too grungy. :) Adorable is more like it!

Adrienne said...

A great way to clothe yourself. All of them. Especially the last one.