01 September 2016

hellooooo september.


Red Rose Alley said...

A favorite September quote of mine, Sherry. Oh, Autumn is on its way, and us Californian's really look forward to this beautiful season.

Have a blessed month of September, my dear.


Miss Michelle said...

Yes! You are most welcome, September! Stay awhile, won't you,

elizabeth said...

I love that saying!

Adrienne said...

Love this! I'm enjoying the change of seasons here in Oregon. This is a lovely time of year.

Patti Gardner said...

I'm so glad September is here. it's my 2nd favorite month---October is first!

I always wished I was born in September, because I wanted that sapphire birthstone.

Have a beautiful day,

Sherry said...

acorns are dropping already! seems a mite early, hm?
i'm gathering up the ones i find with their hats still
on .. putting them on our patio table. then probably
back in the garden beds. cuz i can. and it'll be yUmmy
for the squirrels come winter.

Sherry said...

out on the left coast we still have heated days through september and sometimes into october a bit. looking SO forward to a little autumn chill. :)

Sherry said...

anticipating autumn is a favorite past time
for me . . any given time of year, i long
for autumn. :)

Sherry said...

are the trees already changing colors?!
breathe it in for me, ok?

Sherry said...

november is my favorite month.
34 is my favorite age. this past
april i enjoyed the 24th anniversary
of my favorite age. wink.

Anonymous said...

Sherry , I always dreamed of joining your vintage trailer group, We just received a modern Teardrop trailer the brand is T@B (TAB)from a family member that is ill, do you think it would be ok if I ever came with it even if it is not vintage? Janice in Camarillo, Ca. AKA janice401961 on ebay,my store is Vintage Linens By The Sea

Sherry said...

hi janice .. so you're my visitor from camarillo. :)
t@b trailers are sweetie pies! while not vintage,
you could always join in with the *tow girlz*. you can
find them on facebook as that name: tow girlz ..
there area few other groups available for ladies
only as well as those who invite the hubbies from time
to time. email me for more information :)
andwearpearls at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Yep it's me, your the only blog I follow! We have a lot in common, faith, love everything vintage, age, married the same time, but I don't cook! Thanks I will look it up! Have a great week! chevysforlife at msn dot com

Sherry said...

i just emailed you, janice. :)

Deanna said...

i agree....autumn is here. Like this poem,