29 September 2016

on a trippy with my sissy.

.     .     .     .     .

and so, my sister shirley and i ..
are headed to sunny florida today.
our father lives there ..
has for eons and a day.
he turns 87 on saturday
so we'll be on hand to 
help him celebrate 
which means 
we may need to bring
dinner in
and he'll go to bed
by 8:30. 
not too many late nights
when you're 87. 
not too many late nights
when you've turned
34 .. again .. 24 times.

shirley lives in southern california
and i live in northern.
we're meeting up at an airport 
in a nearby state then
traveling on to florida together. 

shirley and i love shopping together 
but it's such a rare opportunity.
the most shopping we'll get done
this trip is the airport touristy trap.
unless we hit cracker barrel and
zoom the aisles. might happen!

my bag is packed .. carry on,
cuz nothing says hello like wearing
the same outfit 6 days in a row.
for reals. not.
i think you know me a little
better than that. the
bag is packed to the brim,
finishing off with 
snackies for the trip. 
gotta have snackies.
and lippystick.
and lotion.
and a cute new h20 bottle.
and a new purse bigger than
rhode island.
and a kindle loaded
with among others,
 beverly lewis' new book
The Wish
yes indeedy.

.     .     .     .     .

going to miss that sweet man of mine..
i prepared meals and froze them
so he just has to choose, thaw, nuke, partake.
he promised to take good care of
evelyn, the precious pooch.
my dear friend kim 
is on duty while 
the hubs
is at

.     .     .     .     .

be good to one another.

with love,

p.s. my daughter is heavy on my heart..
please - breathe prayer heavenward.
thank you kindly


  1. Oh to have a sister! What a blessing. I've always been so happy that I had two girls so that they can have that experience. Sending you positive vibes on and for your daughter, a topic that is very familiar to me as well.

  2. Have a wonderful time with your sister and your dad. I love Florida...lived there for 20 years. My in-laws still live there, so I get my Florida fix when I go to visit them. Will be going next April for my niece's wedding.

    Hope your flights are smooth and on-time.

    Praying for your daughter. Oh, God, have mercy on Sherry's sweet girl and set her free from the bondage she is in. Open her eyes, ears, heart, and mind to your truth, and protect her from the lies of the evil one. Bring restoration to this family. In Jesus's name, I ask.


  3. Have a good trip. I'll pray for your dearest girl....

  4. Praying for said trip and time and your heart!!~tammy

  5. Florida with your sister, how fun! It sounds like you have everything packed and ready to go. And how nice of you to make meals for your husband so he can just quickly heat them up. Happy Birthday to your dear Dad, Sherry. 87.......that's special, indeed.

    Be safe, and have a grand time!


  6. Saying a prayer for you and her. I think of you from time to time and pray. Will continue praying.


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