27 September 2016

strange pasta.

i enjoy cooking ..
and plating cooked/assembled groceries
in a manner worthy of a happy sigh
then dig in and be grateful for yUmminess.

a couple weeks back i found on the shelf
a package of pretty pasta in happy colors
i was sure would be lovely on our dishes
and bring a satisfied agreement to our bellies.

so i bought the package.
isn't the pasta beautiful?!

i boiled the pasta and added chicken and that delish sun-dried pesto number i told you about the other day. after plating we sat down to eat .. the hubs prayed but i think he prayed wrong or sumpin' cuz that pasta looked seriously strange. the color had all but drained from the original package of pasta and left us with a nebulous appearance to what can only be likened to as :: larva. dear me it was unappetizing. blech! i ate the chicken (and our salad). the pasta? i'm not eating that junk. so i packaged and froze it for a time fairly soon when i'll be visiting my dad in florida and the hubs will somewhat fend for himself. 
he can eat the larva, he'll eat anything! 
i ain't touchin' it. 

:here's what it looked like:
imagine my disgust.
{actual larva .. not the pasta .. but close!}

and this concludes the 
gastronomy portion of my post.

good day,


  1. Yikes! Yuckiness indeed. That is weird ... ;)

  2. Not sure I could eat it either.
    Better luck next time.
    The pasta did look like AUTUMN colors.

  3. Oh yuck! That is so disappointing! I had to laugh when you said your Hubs would eat anything. Mine, too! I have a short story about food that changes. Back in the late 90's Heinz brought out their colored ketchups. They tasted exactly the same but you could get green and purple. The kids loved dipping their fries into green ketchup. One day, I was out all day, and Tim made the kids homemade sloppy joes and fries. He used the only ketchup we had (green)along with mustard for the sauce as usual. He said it looked gross, but tasted fine. The kids couldn't eat it. They said it looked to awful. To this day, they refer to these sloppy joes as "snotty joes."

  4. Oh my! That does look like more of a science project from our school days!
    OK, so I've thought about what you can do with the much prettier dried colored stage. You could place it in a clear bowl or vase with either a candle in the center or another smaller container of complementary flowers. It would make a pretty centerpiece....just not plate worthy!

  5. Ewwwww!!! That ain't right!!!!!!!!!!!~tammy


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