08 September 2016

what i did today.

there will be no pictures in this post..
to do so would be unkind. to me & you,
my few devoted readers. wink.
for today i sweated, turned red, and
in the end needed to rest. wasn't pretty.
very active day.

it began with taking the precious pooch,
aka therapy dog, on a walk ending up
to take 30 minutes compared to our 
usual 20 minutes. she's getting older
and her initial excitement soon morphed
into a slow gait that snails could easily
bypass. poor dear. she did however
eradicate the sidewalks of dried crispy
worms. she must be low on iron. hm.

we saw a neighbor
taking his dog for a walk too.. 
older and much more feeble than my fur-girlie.
the dog -  not the neighbor. on second thought...

we're all getting older. fur-babies. humans.

once home and a drinkie for the canine
and a drinkie for the human, i got to work
on finishing REpainting the bathroom vanity.
yes. REpainting. decided it needed to have
a change. already. and just when you think
you should tweak it a little bit you stand
back with your hand on the side of your 
face mouthing the words, "oh dear no."
so further tweaking commenced and a little
more until the desired effect happened
all of a sudden and life was good once again
and i didn't have to replace the vanity
before the hubs gets home from work.

keeping in mind that i was a sweaty mess
and unfit for human contact.. good thing
the hubs was at work, the UPS man didn't
ring the doorbell, the chatty neighbor
didn't insist on a long talk about 
absolutely nothing.. evelyn the precious
pooch doesn't care what i look like as long
as she gets her cookies and meals at the
anticipated time(s) and lovies often. 

after a brief rest i was up and at 'em again.
this time organizing the guest room closet
which also meant having 4 large bags at
the ready: keep ** give ** sell ** toss.
i was a fast decision maker. no matter that
the gloves are darling and i'm sure one 
day i'll wear them with a pretty dress...
i didn't toss 'em. they're in a mailing box
with some other .. well .. lots of other ..
things. soon to be mailed. 
pinky promise. wink.

felt good to clean out that area. the hubs
moved the bed last night so i could easily 
navigate the closet area.. you see, i've been
having a challenge with muscle spasms
in my back. sigh. anyway, lots of lifting,
{you may roll  your eyes at this time}
pushing, sweating, and heavy sighs, 
i finished the job. now i have a good size
pile to sell online in our local area. smile. 

and a few bags for give, and a couple for 
toss. the *for keeps* things are neatly
ensconced in a plastic tub sporting a 
gray lid. and under one of the beds. whew.

after freshening up and even applying
spackle to my tired face .. 
oh. did i not share that i've been up since
3:30 am. as in morning? yes. 
i've been awake since 3:30am.
no nap. but lots of coffee. lots. and lots.
and water. plenty of that too.

so anyway, after getting a little dolled up
{thank the Lord for spackle}
the hubs arrived home and we both 
agreed it'd be a fine idea to go out for
tacos! yes! so out we went. for tacos.

it's near 8:30pm (as in evening) and i'm
hitting a wall - i need to wash my face,
brush my toofers, change into jammies,
and hit the sack. soon. 

nighty night.



Debbie said...

This is real life drama. :D We must be in the same life cycle. Spackle. Yes. I've just finished a bathroom facelift. Old dog. Yes. I could use some tacos!

Sherry said...

slept in today. 4:21am! felt good. ;)
so much in common .. real life drama indeed.
the tacos were great: one shredded beef
& one grilled chicken. yUm.

Miss Michelle said...

Oh my, I've had a few "oh dear no" moments in my adventures in decorating {& REdecorating}

I cleaned out my wardrobe this past week. I tend to try to keep things as if they were some poor lost orphan that nobody but me will love. When in truth someone else could get much better use out of it than me.

Rest those weary muscles my friend. ♡

Ps I love pinky promises. *wink*

Anonymous said...

Low on iron!!! That made me laugh!! :-) Thanks for sharin a glimpse of your day!! ~tammy ps. but 3am tho?!@!??!!!!! uhg

Sherry said...

that box is getting fuller by the minute ♥
i had to work fast to FIX the MISTAKE on
those cabinets.. my arm is tired. but i
sure love ASCP's new black and white waxes!

Sherry said...

our neighborhood is forever indebted to my precious pooch for ensuring the sidewalks are clear of dead {& crispy} worms. it's so gross.....

Deanna Rabe said...

Are you going to show us your newly repainted bathroom vanity? I'd love to see it and to hear what you think about the new waxes!

Sorry for your lack of sleep. Nap?

The Duchess is doing public service by eating those wormies.

Deanna said...

Sherry, Bless your heart! We are on the same page as for back spasm, cleaning out stuff, downsizing and tacos!!!
My fur babies have all passed and will one day get another as I am craving a puppy to love on.
All the best to you,

Miss Michelle said...

Eeee! I'm so excited! ^_^

ASAP is just all kinds of wonderful.

On a side note about your worm eating dog. I used to have a dog that loved to pop little morsels of chicken poo of the driveway like i would chocolates. (No matter how much I protested.) I came to call it chicken by product meal. ;P

Sherry said...

yes, pictures soon .. though there are oodles of things happening. working today in the shop (and more so lately), getting the teardrop ready to sell, downsizing, day to day home keeping and cooking, loving on the hubs and the dog, preparing for guests coming monday for a week!.. lots on the table. but yes, pics soon. {{{that nap was not to be. bah!}}}

Sherry said...

i stand with you in sincere empathy and solidarity. wink.

Sherry said...

oohhh yes. i get that. evelyn gets real excited over kitty poo and if i'm not watchful she'll enjoy that as a stroll snack too. gag. barf.

next is going through a couple drawers in my sewing dresser. ;)

Red Rose Alley said...

Sounds like a productive day, Sherry. I hear ya with the back spasms. I hurt my back many years ago, and to this day, every time I lift something the wrong way, it acts up again.

Tacos.....Yummy, my favorite. :)


Sherry said...

i worked at the shop today and am feeling it tonight. tacos would help me feel better - i'm sure of it.