12 October 2016

autumn cometh.

our backyard trees are hinting at autumn..

and my favorite little flower is blooming..

day-dreaming about a little picnic from the back 
of our car while loading up on apples in the foothills.

everything lovely is anticipated this season..

i'm having thoughts of 
our thanksgiving celebration..
wondering if the weather would be 
agreeable to enjoy
dinner al fresco..?
maybe not.
nice to think about.
'specially in such a setting as this:

and maybe a t-day campfire
for afterward. complete
with s'more makings.

thinking on thanksgiving menu as well..
i have a secret pinterest board i'm saving
bits and pieces on .. such inspiration
and decisions to be made.

and praying on who to invite
this year.. we gather together
folks who may not have 
nearby family or are simply
truly alone. every year
there's someone new
to welcome,
making the day

{1st 2 pics courtesy of me, myself, and i}
{other pics are courtesy of pinterest}


Cheryl said...

Love to eavesdrop on your fall musings...

Deanna Rabe said...

I adore your Thanksgiving inspiration, but I love your heart even more.

I love autumn!

Sherry said...

hoping the musings will become reality,
'specially the picnic in the foothills. :)

Sherry said...

{{{ ♥ }}}
thank you, deanna

Adrienne said...

Autumn is arriving with a vengeance in the Northwest! Heavy rains and high winds on their way later today. Time for indoor coziness - no outdoor celebrations soon. Love your Thanksgiving sharing plans. We may do the same. Depending how family plans happen.

Sherry said...

seeing the weather forecast, it appears we're in for 4+ days of rain - part of the southern tail of the storm you'll be experiencing. i think soup is on the menu for sure and for certain!!

Jan R. said...

I love the pictures you posted, especially the al fresco dining with the plaid blankets and the tailgate one with vintage thermos bottles. It feels so homey to see those....Love you, friend.

Sherry said...

wouldn't that be awesome, jan? an al fresco autumn picnic .. tailgaiting or a table setting it wouldn't matter. :)

Deanna said...

Beautiful Autumn cometh! As I drove across the Kansas prairie it is beautiful to look at also. Like your pics.