17 October 2016

proof of autumn, & a squirrel.

the rain fell most of the night ..
the morning provided little
doubt as to the wet stuff
and autumn.

just a bit of decor on the porch

and back inside ..


from the kitchen window i spied
"rocket-J-squirrel".. grabbing my
camera i clicked a pic and then
he split .. fast! isn't he darling?
i can't tell you how many close calls
there have been in which evelyn
chased and almost caught this
little furry critter.


the uncommonpearl said...

LOVE all these Autumn colors out your window and little Mr. Rocket J. I bet you are lovin' the wetter, cooler days....
Enjoy <3

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh those mischievous squirrels. I see them all around my new place, and I love taking pics of them but am a bit afraid of them at the same time. Your rain pictures are so pretty, and it's always nice when it rains here, cleans everything up. Your white pumpkins on the porch looks welcoming.


Debbie said...

We have the same kinds of squirrels. Beau can't catch them anymore!

Deanna Rabe said...

Its perhaps more autumnal there than here, but we are close I think.

Rocket is cute for a rodent!

Adrienne said...

Love your photos. We have a resident squirrel who scolds my furry dog whenever he (sweet pup) goes outside and Mr. Squirrel is in residence on the fence. Your Autumn porch decor is great! I have nothing Fall on my porch. I had a potted mum but our windstorm blew it off and it's looking rather sad at the moment. Your screen door is gorgeous! I'd love to have a similar screen on my door but in this part of the country we must have storm doors for part of the year. I'm sure my sweetheart wouldn't be thrilled to install and switch doors a couple of times a year. So, I'll just admire yours, dear friend!

Deanna said...

Autumn able.
Love your pics.

Patti said...

Beautiful photos! Mr. Rocket J. Squirrel is adorable, and I love that you were able to capture a shot of him before he scurried away.

Oh, that door knob on your screen door is gorgeous!!!

For us, rain signifies the beginning of fall. During the summer, we barely get a drop, but sometime in October or November, the weather changes, and the rains come.


Anonymous said...

I have that very same screen door!!! Mine is a color called Peacock (ain't that cool!). But, sadly i do not have such a lovely lovley knob as you. Must pay more attention when i am out to such a find as this!!!~tammy