15 October 2016

today's happenings.

yesterday we experienced an onset of a storm that did its worst in the northwest coastal and some inland areas. our area received out-skirting effects. we're expecting a good amount of rain the next three days as well. it poured yesterday! 
we're reconsidering building an ark after all
or at the very least skis on our vintage trailer .. 

today we're focusing on getting some things in order :: donations dropped off, craigslist ads to sell : my husband's jeep and my teardrop (story behind all that..later), yard before the next deluge of rain, a walk with the pooch (refuses to go potty while its raining), trying a new eye cream (manufacturer promises a youthful appearance), home keeping, a few phone calls, baking (for the upcoming rally), administration (for the upcoming rally), and a host of other things including hopefully a tiny nap.

yesterday i roasted a butternut squash and along with half an onion and a golden delicious apple (both were saute'd), chicken stock, a tiny pinch of red pepper flakes and some seasonings, i whirled it smooth with my immersion blender .. soup! enjoyed it last night with dutch crunch bread while watching a netflix episode(s) of a border patrol show. 
exciting times at our house.

the pastor's conference is this coming week, so i have some platters, bowls, and a few decor items, ready to deliver sunday night. past 2 years i've served at the conference but this year i'm bowing out - instead focusing on the rally that is occupying my attention at present. God always fills the spaces and i know for certain He'll do just that for the conference. 
it was a joy to serve the last 2 years. 

the Harvest Moon Boles Gathering
is only for owners of vintage Boles trailers. 
here's a few signs i made for the rally:

i don't think anyone will be starving ..

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

there is printing to be done and welcome packets to put together, baking, food shopping, organizing, checking & double checking, finalizing, last minute calls, keeping an eye on the weather, and completing a couple projects in our trailer. lots. and lots.

until next time ..


my friend Schneb designed this logo.
awesome, huh? he and his wife are the best
sort of peoples..........


Adrienne said...

The storm hit the coast not far from us here in the Northwest. Our hearts go to those who lost homes and businesses. We are hunkering down for a bigger storm due to hit this afternoon. Planning to stay inside, warm and dry by the fire. Wish I had some of that butternut soup! I'm ready to go out and buy a Boles so I can take care in the rally!!! What fun it will be.

Anonymous said...

My husband & I were staying in a campground in Calistoga a few days ago and there were quite a few vintage trailers...looked like they were having a rally. Made me think of you and your vintage trailers ��. Looks like fun!

Sherry said...

i just now viewed some pictures of the destruction on the coast! oh my goodness... :( {please be safe}

Sherry said...

hmm. i think i know some of the folks at that 'rally.' :)
hi beth. do you have a vintage trailer?

Deanna said...

Blessings to you always...the s'mores sound like delicious treats that I'd like to try. Life has some interesting twist. Roasted butternut squash must be fantastic tasting. I have got to eat more veggies. We continue to downsize and go between two houses as our bedroom is being worked on. Miss my bed of all things. Cold weather is coming my way. Not ready for that. Whah. The logo is wonderful!

the uncommon pearl said...

Sounds busy, busy, but fun, fun! The menu looks amazing! Enjoy your time.
Hubs is selling his jeep and teardrop?? 🙁

Sherry said...

the rally is soon..
yes, jeep is selling.
yes, *my* teardrop is for sale.
more info: soon. wink.

Sherry said...

roasted butternut squash is SO good..
and really, thinking about it now, i'd rather
have eaten the roasted squash rather than
make it into soup. next time. :)

Anonymous said...

No...but I told my husband I need one! We have a motorhome. My husband retired 2 yrs ago, we sold our home in MI and drove out to CA in the motorhome. We love it.