16 November 2016

a little day trip.

good morning ..
i'm heading out in a bit to conduct a little research and make an executive decision about something important that's happening in 2017. it's a big mystery and needs to stay that way for a little while. nothing earth-shattering or even shocking. just a little day trip to see .. something .. and determine if it's the right thing. or not. simple. so i made a lunch and gathered some snackies and a couple water bottles. stopping to grab a good cup of coffee on the way ... 
and probably a gazillion potty stops will happen. 

my mother knows i'm doing this day trip thingy and why. and i know she's concerned about me traveling alone all day with the amount of miles and hours to and fro. she so wanted me to bring someone along for the trip ..... because once a mommy always a mommy and i love her for that and for so much more! i'm safe and i'll check in with you today. 
i love you mom


  1. Happy travels to and from. Love your Mama's heart 💖

  2. You always have the greatest photos! Enjoy your day!

  3. Hope your trip turned out to be super duper wonderful! Love that your dear mama watches out for your safe-keeping. I'm that kind of mama, too!

  4. Sounds like an adventure to me!!!! And, your mama wantin to protect you, how sweet is that?? Prayin your trip bears fruit, Lord willin!! ~tammy

  5. A gazillion potty stops...and a mama who is always a mama...both of those thoughts made me smile this morning. :D

  6. Sometimes taking a day trip by ourselves is just the thing we need. I hope whatever it is you're seeking, you will find, Sherry. Love this picture, it's so charming.



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