15 November 2016

autumn's view, etc.

as i shared in an earlier post, monday would find me cleaning my new-to-me chair. that was completed and now in the last drying stage. looking forward to showing you the finished product of clean & pristine. quite purty.  

added to the project list was ironing, focusing on the hub's business clothing for an upcoming trip back to corporate in memphis once again. looks like i'll need to order new trousers...making a note of that fact.

lately the hubs has been going in to the office early which offers an earlier than usual exit at the end of the day which has led to us eating dinner earlier and watching the next episode of a documentary or drama on netflix then kitchen clean-up then taking the pooch for a walk (or is she walking her humans..hm) in the dark of night then jammies on and reading in bed before lights out. the weather has been warmish during the day and thankfully a tinge crisp in the evenings.. the big moon last night was beautiful! did you see it? how could you miss... amazing that the last SuperMoon was in 1948 - the year the nation Israel was restored. thinking on that one & holding those thoughts close.

autumn brings with it sweet memories .. the Sacramento Zoo used to be open (free) on thanksgiving day. the zoo-keepers would give many animals (not all as i doubt a flamingo would appreciate the joy of a squash) pumpkins. i recall one year in particular. our daughter was 5 years old and the temp was downright brisk. we bundled up and visited the zoo, laughing as the big cats (she **loved** the panther!) and bear played with their pumpkins. pictures taken, of animals, of us as a family. smiles and hugs and everything good. the scents, the happiness, the cuddles, the hand holding, the lifting her up for better view, the giggles .. the nap on the way to her aunt's house 1.5 hours south where we gathered 'round a table filled with plenty, relishing in conversation and banter, full tummies, satisfied hearts.
i remember it as if it were yesterday 

weathered metal ..

 mums in bloom (my favorite flower) ..

trailing with abandon ..

simple vintage clay vases filled with simple silk blooms ..
behind the shutters and over the fireplace is our television.

one of my favorite scenes this autumn ..

another view of our mums ..

the hutch dressed up .. less is more .. personal preference

the hubs blows the leaves into the garden. these days that job could be completed 3 times or more in a 24 hour period. soon enough - skeleton trees for winter.

my very vintage & fuzzy california grizzly keeping watch ..

autumn bloom ..


  1. You have a beautiful blog, home, and heart. Thank you for sharing! Love the name too...and wear pearls.

    1. thank you, Larissa. :)
      {walking in grace through grief, and wearing pearls}

  2. What a sweet and precious memory. Praying for her. And for you all. Beautiful flowers, love, love, love the bear!!!! Love a routine too!!! :-) ~tammy

  3. Love your photos. Such sweet memories of precious days past. Sending hugs as you celebrate Thanksgiving this year. We couldn't see the beautiful moon last night - we got cheated by clouds and rain! Enjoying it vicariously through photos.

    1. we've decided to be away this thanksgiving..
      first time in over a decade. :)

  4. I'm praying those same sweet memories will overpower whatever is keeping her from coming home.

  5. Love these photos...especially the sideboard and the iron fence.
    We'll be away this Thankful Day too...good thing as my kitchen is a deconstruction disaster at the moment!

  6. Love you dearly, sweet friend. You have eyes to see beauty all around you.

    Precious memories, praying for you and the hubs, and your sweet girl.

    Beauty from Ashes is what I often think of when I come to your blog. Its evident in your words and photos.

  7. Sherry, what lovely pictures these are. The mums are so pretty. Yes, I think less is more when decorating (except at Christmas time, then I go all out!) The Sacramento Zoo is always a good time. I'm glad you have pleasant memories going there with your daughter. We took a trip recently, and it was like I was a kid myself seeing all those wonderful animals.

    Oh, I missed the moon last night. That would have been something special to see.

    I can't wait to see your new clean chair. :)



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