04 November 2016

junque in my life.

tonight i'm testing two new recipes
in hopes they'll be on our thanksgiving
menu. i'm not one to always and forever
prepare traditional menus for holidays.
something unexpected is fUn.
this time? bavarian.
i'll take pics of the plated dish
and share with you ... IF it turns out
as i'm hoping it will.

chilly mornings in my little corner of

the world, then warming up in mid
afternoon. yesterday early morning 
the slider was open as were a couple
windows. the temp at 10am? 
63. inside.

and yet, something out of the ordinary.

my toes and fingers were cold. it's not
often i'm chilled. rare indeed. 
i'm the person you want to stand next
to if you're a human popsicle. 
cuz i'm a human heater.
but yesterday morning not so much.
i stayed
in the shower a little longer relishing
in the blast of hot water. 

oh here's a fUn fact:

the rare times my feet are cold 
when i crawl into bed? 
i warm those puppies up 
by putting them on
the hubs back. he loves me.
it's in the contract.

we're currently a one car family so unless

i want to take the hubs to work at 
zero'dark'thirty to do stuff 
*lollygagging away from home*
i need to wait until he
gets home from work in the late afternoon
or early evening. that is, until saturday
happens, at which time we'll adopt
'Rocky' the hubs new wheels. 

we sold 'Carl' the jeep 

to a great guy who knows jeeps
inside / out / forwards / backwards.
'Carl' did a happy dance upon
being driven away. i don't think
he misses us. truth be told?
i kinda miss him.  
sweet & scary  memories.
yes. that's really 'Carl' the
hubs is driving up that 
rock. ahem. 'Rocky' will
be even more "able" .. 
my white hair will be falling out
soon enough. sigh.


we sold the teardrop to an
older gent who doesn't want
to sleep in a tent on the ground.
can you blame him?! 
now he can camp with the family
in their circle of trailers and be
cozy sweet happy comfy in his
very own .. 

we're now a one-trailer-couple.

i'm feeling overall fine about it
but start shaking a little when 
i see a good deal and potential.
the hubs says no. hmfph.

the garage looks mighty empty

until 'Annie'
{my suburban assault vehicle}
returns with the hubs each day to get
cozy and receive a pat from me.

it's a 3-cupper this morning. 

ever have such mornings?
this afternoon i'll brew another.
afternoon is decaf - but still.

after a bit more laundry is folded

i'll head out to the garage and 
do some necessary organizing
and sorting. and i have a rather
sizable collection of antique 
ceiling tiles from a san francisco
mansion i need to sort, price, & sell.
little by little.
parting is such sweet sorrow...
and yet it's good to let go!
i keep telling myself that truth.

and that's all the junque fit to print for now.

sherry & the hubs .. 
boles gathering silliness
{camp hair don't care}


Burlap Luxe said...

Sherry again a great read here, as I read you are testing out a new receipe for your thanks giving dinner, I too am planning on adding a little something new to my tasty menu. Always get oh my what a great meal this was, down to roasting the moistest turkeys every. My trick is a roasting rack and turning the turkey upside down, this keeps the flow of turkey juice down into the breast instead of the drums and wings and darker meats.

Another is adding buttered dill and sea salt to the steamed carrots making a simple veggie gourmet in taste.

Well my dear, glamp on you so it so well, and as for colder days stay worm and cozy with that darling man of yours.
See you soon.


Deanna Rabe said...

Great junque!

I still am amazed at that photo of the hubs and Carl. Scary stuff!

It is chilly here tonight and going to get down right cold over night. The days are nearly perfect right now - upper 50's low 60's. Very delightful.

Debbie said...

Good reading.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That picture of ya'll...SO adorable!!! Thanks for sharin glimpses and junque!!! I ain't been on in awhile (which i rather like, but i miss my *friends* :-)) ,so tis good to sweet glimpses!!! Enjoy this cooler air and i look forward to seein your new recipes!! ~tammy