18 November 2016

just stuff.

part of my little getaway found me on this road, then on to the hills beyond to the sierra foothills. south 2.5 hours then east 30 minutes brought me to the location of a possible campground for a rally being planned for 2017. beautiful drive and very nice camping location but alas not the best fit for our group. so... onward in my quest for the perfect or near perfect place. wish we had a big piece of property to hold 25 trailers and restrooms to fit the need. sigh.

returning back to town in early evening i stopped at HomeGoods and didn't buy a thing. everything i picked up i put back down as i reasoned the need or want. sometimes that's a struggle. then i came to the Christmas decorations and cards and wrapping paper and all of a sudden my eyes became ever so soggy missing our daughter as this will be the 5th Christmas without her .. i hightailed it outta there and drove home where my precious pooch/comfort dog awaited with excited dancing and panting. the hubs was in memphis {again looking for elvis. he's in denial. not really - that's just where the corporate offices are and he goes there once in a while for meetings and food and business conversation} so i didn't do much in the cooking arena nor did i go out for meals. i put simple groceries together and watched classic movies and read a book and walked the dog and took naps cuz i still don't sleep much at night.

and today the hubs flew in from elvis-land and golly it was good to see him. big hugs and smoochies then on our way home but first we stopped at a favorite eatery for a bite then home for him to have a nappy cuz he woke uber early to catch his flight home and was a bit zombie-like. zombie-like is an interesting thing if you're a giant, which he is. hm.

we're still full from lunch so maybe cereal or an apple tonight if we get hungry. i put together a lasagna early this morning then into the fridge. we'll bake that tomorrow and i'll make a salad to go along. used very little pasta in this lasagna .. mostly my infamous meat sauce, fat free ricotta with a couple eggs mixed together, low fat mozzarella, and a bit of parmesan. looking forward! i'll take a picture and share.

also, i made afternoon coffee for us and we sat in our chairs and talked about the week and made some resolutions in anticipation of retirement in a couple or three or four years. soon we'll be meeting with a new financial advisor specializing in retirement. anyway, coffee together is a treat and we enjoyed sitting together. evelyn the pooch got up on the ottoman to be with me... loved it. she's so cute.

here's a picture of our little sitting area in the living room. this pic was taken early in the morning.

working at the shop this weekend ..
supposed to rain so we'll see how busy we'll really be
though business sure is jumping nearer to Christmas.

hoping all is well in your little corner of the blogosphere.



Deanna said...

Hi Sherry! Your sitting area looks wonderful and cozy. Just like a home otta be. Hugs to you about your daughter. Then suddenly may she come home. All the best and God bless,
d in kansas

Red Rose Alley said...

It sounds like your road trip was a pleasant one, Sherry. And afternoon coffee with husband sounds perfect. :)


Adrienne said...

Love the photo of the road ahead. Reminds me of a photo I took several years ago in the far eastern regions of Oregon. I know a farm location where you might be able to bring your twenty-five trailers - if I ask them purty-please! Only problem is that it would be quite a trek to up here near me.

Debbie said...

I love your living room sitting area. The colors, furnishings and soft light are so inviting I wish I could join you for coffee. Winter arrived here in the Midwest this weekend. Our 60's dropped to 30's blown in by 40 MPH winds.
Glad your drive was safe and the views were pleasant. So you were scouting. I used to love roadtrips and good drives but we just don't seem to drive anywhere different anymore. I miss that. We always seem to have something we HAVE to get done. Another reason we haven't bought another camping trailer.
I'm very thankful for my little furry companion. Well, 40 pounds isn't little, but my old companion was a 200 lb mastiff and she took up a lot of space in the car and in the house. I was never allowed to have a dog while growing up, so I've made up for it as an adult. Still praying.

Sherry said...

miracles happen .. and trust me, this'd be a miracle.
but our Lord is a Lord of miracles, is He not? ♥

Sherry said...

i love road trips ..
debbie from 'of his pasture' blog
called my trip 'scouting.' i like that. :)

Sherry said...

oh man that'd be so wonderful to have an oregon rally.
but yes, a long trek north for folks though i wouldn't
mind it personally. ;)

Sherry said...

'scouting' .. i like that term.
thank you for continuing to pray.
needing strength for this season
and sincerely seeking to see the
situation with heavenly eyes. ♥
200 mastiff. a gentle giant, i'm sure.
new camper?! do tell!!!!!

Anonymous said...

SO thankful your man got home safely!!! Your living room looks so amazingly cozy, it just lovely!! And your adventure took you to a beautiful place, hope all that works out for an event!!! Your heart dear lady, may the Lord comfort and bless. Praise God for that everlovin pooch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~tammy