25 November 2016

our table for 2.

on thanksgiving morn . . . . .

coffee. first thing always. this morning i laced our dark roast with a bit of pumpkin pie flavored grounds - just a tich so as to not overwhelm. a hint is best. then cream.

lasterday (as our daughter early in life referred to the day before today but as of the publishing of this blog post i refer to laster-lasterday) i baked the bacon (for a couple recipes), readied the stuffing/dressing, made pumpkin pies (each from a different recipe), & set the table.

herbs for the bird.
a big chicken, as turkey isn't at the top of our list of gotta-have's.

mums in full bloom.. cut for our table.

i oven toasted dutch crunch bread for our stuffing/dressing. along with saute'd celery, onion, honey crisp apple, and fresh sage .. mixed with cooked sausage & chicken stock. then in a casserole dish ready for T-day.

my collection of vintage wood Munising bowls.
always on the lookout for more at a fair price ..

two good walks with the pooch, so good that she slept very well last night, as did i. the hubs is still asleep at 5:37am. dinner was delish! menu below.. watched a couple classic movies and enjoyed coffee and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. lovely day.. very thankful.

simple and straightforward ..
we chose our favorite traditional foods:

* rotisserie chicken on our bbq
* steamed green beans
* sweet potato casserole (incredible recipe!)
with bacon, brown butter, and crispy sage
* cranberry orange sauce
* sage, sausage, honey crisp apple dressing

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

and today? sorting and putting away or donating our autumn decor.
bringing out the Christmas and putting up only our very special...
less is more for us.

i work at the shop over the weekend and it'll be a busy time
so comfy shoes will happen. supposed to rain ..

bless each of you ..
hoping your Thanksgiving Day was met with blessed hearts
that sought out even the littlest ways to find gratitude. love you...  Sherry


  1. What a delicious looking plate of food. I just spent a good hour perusing your blog. I enjoy your writing style!

  2. Your dinner sounds heavenly delicious! I so wish I could have made what we two really wanted but the right thing was to prepare for another one's very changing tastes. Ours was simple and delectable. So thankful you two had such a wonderful repast. Love the mums!

  3. Wonderful Giving of Thanks here.
    Love your menu, I must try the sweet potato and bacon recipe of yours.
    It's a beautiful season and looking forward to more....The joy of Christmas and the beauty you create.

    Xx blessed weekend to you and yours my friend.


  4. My word, you certainly wax poetic - you can take something and make it so extraordinary, Sherri- you have such talent. Your Thanksgiving looks wonderful! ♥

  5. You always have the best cooking style and lovely dishes. We are so 'southern traditional' the fam would "faint and fall backwards" (as my mom used to say) if we served anything diff. How I love cornbread dressing! And pumpkin pie!
    I'm dieting in the coming week to get back to normal. :D

  6. Lasterday...love that! So cute!

    Your Thanksgiving dinner looks delish...AND beautiful.

    I am with you on turkey...it's not our family's fave either, though we do have it on Thanksgiving. We've started smoking it on our smoker, and we do like it better than oven-roasted; however, Thanksgiving is the only time we eat turkey.

    Gorgeous mums!!!

    Blessings to you,

  7. Your Thanksgiving meal looks delicious, Sherry. It sounds like you had such a nice and thankful day with husband. :) I can just see those pretty orange mums on your table.



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