05 December 2016

autumn's remain.

northern california in early december reveals a lingering autumn ..
the evening temps drop and overnight to morning near freezing.
the other morning i took evelyn the precious pooch for a stroll
in such temps. this required gloves and a jacket.. once our trek
was completed my ears rebelled. then inside for a bit of warmth.

candid shot of the elderly girlie.
wiping her nose with her tongue...
she's a charmer, that one. wink.

today is my market day ..
the hubs requested burgers so tuesday night his request will be granted and he'll do the grilling i'll just do the prep work. he'll want a fried egg atop .. and bacon. me? whole green chilis and tomato! yUm. saturday morning i butterflied a chicken and after dressing it with olive oil, sage, salt & pepper, cut up lemon, and a splash of dry white wine (the liquor cooks out and leaves in its wake a lovely hint .. i roasted it in my clay baker covered with its lid. mmmm!

we had a bit of it for lunch with steamed broccoli. the rest was de-boned and prepped for stock. early sunday morning i saute'd veggies and with the white meat and stock, put it all in the crock pot for dinner. soup aroma is near intoxicating don't you agree?

there's leftover soup for dinner so i'll add to it some roasted corn and green beans to make it even more vegtable'y. happy to enjoy it yet again tonight! later in the week i'll make french onion soup.. thankful to have just the right amount of guyere cheese for the tippy top. what's on your menu? soup?


Debbie said...

Evelyn is winking at us! I'd love to hear her version of the walk. That roast chicken is one of my favs. RIght now we have potato soup, and white chicken chili in the fridge. This week some 'red' chili and cornbread, but first lunch out today at Olive Garden. yUm!

Sherry said...

i haven't had potato soup in ages .... yUm.
olive garden lunch .... equally yUm. love
their pasta figioli soup!!! enjoy.

Red Rose Alley said...

That chicken certainly looks good. I think the splash of wine adds a special touch. Yes, northern California is still holding its beauty. The leaves are turning from oranges to reds to browns and falling swiftly. And so cold in the mornings, my favorite time of day. :) Hello Evelyn, you're such a cutie.


Sherry said...

evelyn thanks you & says hello back ;)
loving the chilly mornings! and evenings!
hoping you're well dear lady.

Deanna Rabe said...

I haven't made soup for a while. I love Chicken Tortilla soup. Going to work on a non-potato cheese soup with bacon. (the family will have potato cheese soup with bacon).

The Duchess is as lovely as ever.

A Joyful Cottage said...

I have all the ingredients for borscht in the fridge and will get started on it as soon as breakfast is out of the way and the deck is cleared. First time making this soup, so I hope it's as good as the recipe sounds. We love good borscht. . .we'll see. Photos of your culinary contributions always make my mouth water. (sigh)

the uncommon pearl said...

Smells delicious from here. We recently enjoyed some green chili stew...warming us in these cold days.

Adrienne said...

On my dinner menu? Tonight a soft and gentle pasta dish for ease of eating while recovering from oral surgery. It will be good but not as tasty as your repast.

Sherry said...

♥♥♥ chicken tortilla soup!
non-potato meaning cauliflower? yUm.
the duchess is indeed a loverly girl.

Sherry said...

i haven't had borscht in **years**!
the hubs would hate it, i know - - so i should
make it when he's in memphis searching for elvis. wink.

Sherry said...

green chili stew... mmmm.
i've never made that kind
and imagine it to be delish.

Sherry said...

you poor thing you. {{{hug}}}
i'll have a bit of my burger slider
in your honor!!!