12 December 2016

because i couldn't leave well enough alone..

so i added another deer .. this one with antlers.
and a campfire.
and {empty} packages wrapped and tied.
for looks alone.
and my precious {to me} scrolled step stool
raising the effect of the decor.

so far in the freezer ::

* dark chocolate mint bark
* white chocolate peanut clusters
* russian tea cakes
* chocolate crinkles

today's plan ::

* gingerbread loaves
  ..... full size, mediums, minis

and this week sometime ::

* nantucket cranberry pie(s)
  ..... as in multiple

and i'm doing WELL to keep my fingers away from the sweet junque.
for the most part. no, really!! i'm rather amazed at myself!

***  my mother was released from the hospital (too soon if you ask any of her daughters. grrrrr) and is safely settled at sandy's home. the hospital staff did NOT treat this release with any thoughtfulness or proper planning for my mother nor her care givers. seriously unhappy with this experience. the physical therapist arrives today and home health is visiting soon as well. recovery from surgery itself is no cake walk when you're 85. but recovering from a knee replacement is another animal altogether. poor thing. two sisters are "tag teaming" to help mom around .. hoping the PT can offer suggestions and solutions. and further hoping/praying my mother will experience the strength required for complete recovery. ♥

***  one night this week the hubs and i will be heading up to the city to view Christmas lights. there are a few residential streets of grand vintage homes that decorate beautifully. the years prior we'd (when our family was complete) toodle around our own littler city neighborhoods to view fancy dancy lights. we're unwilling to do that anymore as the memories cause deep ache. so. we'll enjoy that tradition elsewhere. and it's a good thing. this season has a way of tugging the heart more than usual. i become more quiet in my little world .. more introspective. not wanting to be a 'debby-downer' i become less active than usual {which is a rarity anyway} in seeking out friends.

***  found a wonderful youtube video with 3 hours continuous Christmas music. traditional & hymns - all instrumental. thoroughly enjoying listening to this as i bake or tend to keeping the house.

***  yesterday and last night we took turns reading from our devotional(s) and a collection of Christmas stories. sitting in our living room chairs with feet propped up, we read, talked, and quietly embraced the warmth of togetherness.

***  i've been sleeping 7-8 hours a night the past almost week using an over the counter sleep aid. i feel almost human. will be sharing this bit of information with my physician at an upcoming appointment to ensure it's fine and dandy to use this supplement .. or not. and if not, then back to insomnia. for years now. elongated sigh.

***  chicken vegetable soup tonight .. leftovers i froze a week or two ago. do you freeze meals or leftovers for quick meals later? i love to cook but sometimes i daydream of hiring a personal chef. that's usually when the hubs suggests we go out for dinner. he's swell. but he also wants to eat and knows that the treat of going out to eat will spur me into wanting to cook again. he's sneaky.

hoping your day offers gentle warmth, love, and peace.



  1. I know this time of year is painful. I'm sorry. I think finding new ways to enjoy the season in this new place of life that you are in is so wise. It sounds like it will be beautiful, and like your evening of reading together, you are tying new heart strings to each other.

    Blessings friend.

    1. thanks deanna..
      the hubs and i have grown stronger and ever closer
      the past 5+ years. what the enemy meant for bad,
      the Lord is using for His glory.

  2. Lovely little styled area...and you are so good at avoiding the sweet stuff. Take care, and I am glad that you are sleeping.

    1. 'cept today. i licked the gingerbread bowl clean.
      and had a piece of gingerbread. and loved it. wink.

  3. Enjoy the lights with your hubby! I understand hurting of the heart more this time year also. Sending prayers for ya'll including your mom.

    1. thank you so much kim.. for your empathy and praying for my mom. so appreciated. hoping this season offers you peace in tangible ways
      for however you may be hurting.. ♥

  4. I am sorry to hear that your mom's recovery has been fraught with challenges. Unfortunately, it is not unusual enough that folks are sent home without the proper preparation. So very sad. A few years ago, my aunt was sent home from the hospital into hospice, and her sister (her main caregiver) had NO idea what was expected and what to do and what medications were needed and it was a horrible mess. Where is the human factor in such situations? Deep sigh...

    In your words, I hear the ache as you celebrate His coming, all the while remembering and longing for happier, "together" holiday times. I care. He cares. Praying for you...

  5. I love your new deer!! Helps set a sweet tone to the scene!! Love and protection there :-)!! Love soup, lights, Christmas music (mercy, have you heard Lauren Daigle's Christmas CD...soft and jazzy!), love that you have been SO diligent with your yummy gifts, love that you have family that WANTS to take care of their momma, love that those who life farther away are deeply concerned, love that you are gettin some relief and sleep (!!!!), and i love that you and your man are drawn to one another and worshiping together thru your pain. In the midst of such heartache i can not fathom, you worship, you find joy where you can, you love still!!! Sherry His grace is evident in your life, and it is beautiful!!! ~tammy

    1. being a mere human, i fail. often. perhaps too often.. in recognizing His presence, mercies, and grace in my life. i become distracted and lose sight. He's such a gentleman, isn't he? our Lord.. He draws us back into his embrace, holding firm that which sustains. and i am again ..... reborn.

  6. Love the look. Obviously two deer are better than one, they look like they agree. You have wonderful taste. Hope things move ahead well with your mom.

  7. Hi Dear Lady! Christmas spirit at your place makes me smile. Sorry 'bout your mom and how she was handled. Not sure what to think these days about so much. Thank you for the prayers. I need them more than ever as I am in a funk about my Dad's death and how that took place. d

  8. I think your table is complete now with Mr. Reindeer. ;)


  9. I love your take on the tree tied to the roof of the car or in the bed of the truck. Cool.

    The state of healthcare in this country is in shambles. I know what you mean and I certainly believe that your mother will be safer in the bosom of her family than at the hospital. Perhaps thinking of it that way will help.

    Hope that your sleep issues are resolved...no fun not being able to sleep.

  10. Praying for your Mama and for comfort all the way around. Your two deer look like they were "meant to be together". xo


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