10 December 2016

come sit some more.

to the left of my sink and on an otherwise forgotten cake pedestal .. sits a vintage vase of roses from our garden. the last of the year before my hubs clipped back all our bushes. the bushes sleep until the first sign of spring .. but the last roses remain surprisingly intact 2 weeks later.

mom is having challenges post surgery.. while we know that's "normal" for older folks, it's nonetheless challenging. for her - certainly. but also for her daughters. especially the two who will be caring for her in the immediate future when she gets out of the hospital. the anesthesia then percocet Rx has produced severe confusion and a combative nature. while its effects are slowly dissipating (they stopped administering that Rx), concern arises and takes center stage. we all feel helpless. and then there's getting the one sisters home ready to welcome mom .. changes and additions. please .. pray for  my mom's recovery. and pray for the obvious strength and empathy and wisdom and discernment my two sisters closest in proximity require. and for my washington state sister and myself - that we would be able to somehow provide support before we can make our way south. very concerned for my mom just now..

i made a quiche this morning. we each enjoyed a slice along with orange sections and coffee. and i made chocolate mint bark which is now in the freezer. i have butter on the counter - softening to be added to russian tea cake cookie dough. will be getting out and about for some necessary ingredients for other recipes on my list. every year i say i'll only bake 3 things. eye roll. will i ever learn? i think not. my plan was set in place to make 2 or 3 things. then i heard that a man at my hubs work asked if i was making a Christmas dessert platter again. and there went my plan...... wink.

hoping your day is lovely in every way.
thank you in advance for praying.
much love,


Red Rose Alley said...

Sherry, I read your post below also, but something distracted me and I had to come back, so now I read both of your "come sit with me" posts. I'm so sorry your mom is recovering slowly after surgery. Healing from surgery when older is never easy. Saying a prayer for you and sisters. The cookies you will be making for Christmas sounds wonderful. You know, Jess makes the Russian tea cookies ever year, and I have to say that they are one of my favorites, so Yummy. The last of your roses are so pretty sitting in the vintage vase. Sending love and comfort during this difficult time for your mom. It's raining like crazy here today, and I wanted to get my tree!


Adrienne said...

I'm sorry your mother is having such a struggle. I understand about the effect meds can have on an older person. I'm praying for you and your sisters - for wisdom to deal with your mother's needs and for strength for the days ahead. Love your roses. Mine are long gone! Of course our freezing weather this week would have ended them anyway. Love sitting and chatting with you, dear friend.

Debbie said...

I'm sure your mom will bounce back. Meds often cause confusion in older people, and that confusion scares us and makes us jumpy and cranky! Hope she feels better soon. That surgery would be a difficult one for people of any age. I've added her to my prayer list, and you know that's the best help in the world! My mom had Alzheimer and I remember being far away from home and my family the day before Christmas Eve sitting in a hospital with her after she'd had a series of strokes. That Christmas has made some others seem really easy.
Yes, today I must bake too. I'd like to take a few things to my neighbors and Handyman wants fruitcake cookies! You must make a heck of a dessert platter, and I'm not at all surprised :) Keep us in the loop. I love these little talks we've been having. Prayers going up for your health and travel too! Keep us in the loop if you can. Hugs.

Cheryl said...

Praying right now for your mom, and all of her daughters.

Kim James said...

Sending prayers your way

Anonymous said...

Your roses are beautiful!!! Prayin for your momma!~tammy

Deanna said...

With my dad behaving the way he was, I read up on delirium with older people which is very common with pain, knee replacement, infections, pneumonia, urinary infections. God bless you and your mom.