09 December 2016

come sit with me.

do you watch *you've got mail*? i think i've watched it too many times to count and every time is a personal delight. meg ryan character begins corresponding with the tom hanks character with, "i like to write as if we're already having a conversation and are friends" or similar words .. and i'd like to do that in this post as well.

oh boy .. and then my mind goes blank. ever do that? ever want to tell someone something and when it's your turn to talk your mind goes blank? sigh. ever want to introduce someone and you can't remember their name? i've done that. wanted to introduce my husband to someone and couldn't remember his name -  my mind went blank! i kid you not!!! so he reminded me his name. and i was embarrassed. funny embarrassed but embarrassed nonetheless.

my mother had her 2nd knee replacement surgery yesterday. her first was a few years back and she nearly bounced back in recovery. my sisters (all 431 of 'em) and i are hoping the same for this surgery though she's a bit older now and as we get older we don't always 'bounce' back like tigger (of winnie the pooh fame). but we're hoping just the same. once she leaves the slammer hospital she'll go home with the sister who lives nearest to her and the rest of us will take turns doting, helping, tending, and more. it's an honor. we may watch Misery .. the movie with Kathy Bate & James Caan. or not. wink.-

i used to have to almost jog to keep up with mom - her gait was swift! she isn't *as* fast ('specially right at this moment!) so i can beat her in a race to the elevator where she lives. awesome.

one sister texted me a picture of mom eating what appeared to be red colored jello in her hospital bed post surgery post recovery. pre-surgery the anesthesiologist gave her a spinal block and some {as that sister put it} michael jackson juice. i'm assuming it was a deep twilight type juice. regardless, mom was awake and seemingly alert based on the texted picture. it was *good* to 'see' her!

here's a picture of my beautiful mother .. definitely PRE hospitalization.

it's snowing at the home of my washington state sister. pictures of the white stuff were texted and i swOoned and am quietly happily jealous of what she's experiencing at her locale. hoping the white stuff sticks with more joining it so she'll have a white Christmas which is a favorite thing of hers.

it's raining at our place. off and on. when off that's the time we skidaddle outside to take the pooch for a walk so she can do big business and get her yaya's out .. not that she has a lot of yaya's to get out because she's a pretty low key pooch. unless you ring the doorbell or knock on the door. then she becomes larger than life ready to take down the monsters on the other side. or food. with food she gets almost overly excited. and the mention of a walk .. when you say the word walk. she does flips. almost. for me. for other people the dirge plays and she quietly goes along with the commands making no secret of her personal distaste that i'm not coming along. poor dear. she has a new sweater. it's a hoodie style in classic black .. very Jackie O ...

i have a dental appointment this morning .. twice a year cleaning. xrays as well. the paper stuff the tech puts in my mouth makes me gag. it's not my favorite procedure. nor is the cleaning. nor is ANY dental work. see a pattern here? but my dentist is wonderful and takes care of my dental fears but i wish he'd offer some michael jackson juice in the process.

i'm working at the antique shop today and since my feet are giving me grief lately i'll be sure to wear comfy shoes cuz lots of walking happens during my shift. lots of wrapping, ringing up, climbing to retrieve items that sometimes are decided against at the register and i have to climb and put back in place, almost always happy smiles from customers, and with the Christmas music playing and the prettiness abounding throughout the store, makes for a very nice day. although...if i have to hear michael jackson sing I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus one more time i think i might scream. i'll accept his twilight juice but not his voice. i'm sorry.

last night i made peanut clusters using white chocolate and pumpkin spice peanuts. i ate one and deem them delicious. i want more. but won't partake. they're in plastic and in the outside freezer. every day i'm trying to make a treat .. and in the end i'll have a huge platter or three of treats that the hubs will deliver to the troops at his place of employ. other candies, cookies, and slices of sweet breads, bundt cake(s), will be included. but next on the list (for tomorrow) is russian tea cakes and chocolate crinkles. the hubs will help (he just doesn't know it yet) and keep me from eating the goods. trying to garner strength against that which causes my body angst.

we're reading through a wonderful advent book by John Piper and are so blessed by the way he has shared every devotion. we're gleaning so much biblical truth... please consider ordering the book for this year still! or in preparation for next. in fact, why wait for Christmas? any time of year is the right time of year! here's a picture of the book,
  The Dawning of Indestructible Joy.

yesterday morning i boiled a pound of pasta, drained it, and tossed it in a bit of olive oil. tonight we'll have dinner easily put together . . . pasta, mushrooms with garlic and sage, roasted brussel sprouts (from an earlier in week meal which were packaged and frozen for this reason), crispy bacon, and parmesan/asiago curls. all tossed together yUm yUm. looking forward.

but for now? . . . . .

coffee is ready ...
the hubs brewed it.
he's my favorite.
and i must go for the day awaits with anticipation.
and hopefully some michael jackson juice at the dentist.

til next time...



Adrienne said...

Oh, I loved sitting with you - although I wish I really could! Still praying for your mama. Love Evie's new hoodie. I didn't have Michael Jackson juice for my recent oral surgery but I did have a 'happy' pill. Yesterday insurance called and said they wouldn't approve me having it. Too late! Prescribed, filled, swallowed, done! Doctor's office is 'appealing'. Crazy world!!! Have a great day at the shop. Wish I could taste test what you made yesterday. No nuts or seeds in my 'diet' at the moment due to chewing limits - but I think I could handle Russian tea cakes! They're a soft food. Right?

A Joyful Cottage said...

Enjoyed this post so much, Sherry. You really are an excellent writer. . .so engaging. Your mom is a beauty. Thoses eyes, that smile. I can see where you get your good looks. John Piper never fails to deliver a good read. Enjoy walks between drops with your proper pooch. Love her new hoodie! Hugs, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a wonderful visit!!! Lord bless your momma and her recovery!! Your treats sound delish as does your pasta supper!!! And i l o v e John Piper. He has been a huge blessing (well God thru him), and a spiritual father to me for years. He just doesn't know it!!!! I am so thankful this book is a sweet blessing to ya'll. I do not have it, but will for sure try and see if i can get it. And the Michael Jackson Juice, i gotta funny story bought that. A sweet older friend came out of a procedure and said *wow, that was great!!! What is that stuff??* Her face was so sincere and adorable!!! Made us all giggle. A white Christmas would be the bomb!! DOn't happen much here in GA!!! Thanks again for the visit!!~tammy

Sherry said...

my russian teacakes have nuts ... but for you dear friend i'll refrain from adding to your personal batch. ♥ hoping you're feeling better as the days add up.

Sherry said...

evelyn looks darling in her black sweater .. extra cuddly.
thank you for that nice compliment, nancy. i believe the
same for you. :)

Sherry said...

i sincerely wish you'd begin a blog. your writing style draws me in and i'm sure others would flock to read your thoughts .. ♥ ♥ ♥

Unknown said...

Sherry, I have prayed for your mother's surgery and recovery and know you will definitely dote on her when it's your turn. Evelyn looks beautiful as always! I was actually able to request the John Piper book through the library and am looking forward to reading it. Love your picture of the tree on the van at the top! Looking forward to seeing you next week. ((hugs))

Sherry said...

{{{♥ jan ♥}}}

Sue Silva said...

I enjoyed this post. You have the gift of gab, Sherry.

Sherry said...

thanks sue. :)
gabbing = sometimes
quiet as a mouse = other times

Anonymous said...

You are kind dear lady. I did once try a blog years ago. I wrote 2 posts!!! I did not continue for various reasons. All of which seem silly and foolish to me now!! My girls both wrote blogs for a while. That was fun. Anyway, i thank for your kind words of encouragement. That right there is a blessin!!!! ~tammy