16 December 2016


goodies for the hubs ..
2 trays to share with the folks at work.
with another big tray going next week.
i also put together a few little tins of goodies
for a few folks in our private circle.
looking forward to everything being gone
as it's a high temptation to 
**just have a nibble**
or three.

{cranberry slab pie}

cranberries with loads of sugar and walnuts.. 

almond extract in the batter which goes atop the cranberries..
i may or may not admit to adding a splash more to the recipe.

ready for the oven. 
the original recipe calls for this to be in a cake pan. please know that the cake pan idea is altogether tacky .. in my opinion. if you're going to make a 9" cranberry pie then use a springform pan so the presentation will be .. well .. presentable! but i needed to make a large amount of the cranberry pie so used a half sheet lipped pan. two and a half recipes of the ingredients. as info, i'm not serving it from the pan... 

baked to perfection.. 
the aroma .. oh wow the aroma

after the slab pie cooled i covered it with plastic wrap and popped it in the deep freeze overnight. then i used a very sharp knife to cut it into squares and then in half for rectangles. using plain white cuppycake papers it made for easy lifting .. just right for a couple bites.

between the slab pie and this goodie tray, 
the folks at my hub's place of employ were 
sugared up good and still performed 
their necessary tasks with great success...
so says the hubs.

hoping your day is sweet.



  1. Oh Sherry, your goodies look scrumptious. And I wish I had a piece of that cranberry cake. Your friends are going to love this, what a nice gift. Jess makes homemade goodies every year and gives them out to loved ones, and to me, that's the nicest present of all.

    Have a lovely weekend, dear.


    by the way, do I see Russian tea cookies on that tray? ;)

  2. These all look AmAzIng. I'm eagerly anticipating some baking I have coming up this next week, doing some ahead of events and freezing to keep the stress away. Which reminds me I could have made some candy this week... oh well, it's just a bark so should go together quickly.

  3. It looks delightful Sherry, you must be the holiday queen in the kitchen, your player of holiday candies reminds me of days as a child at my grandparents where ribbon candy was always mixed in with chocolates.

    Enjoy a peaceful one along with prayers being answered.


  4. Your goodies are works of art! Wish I could have been your taste tester.

  5. Delicious!
    You're an inspiration,

  6. Simply wonderful, Sherry! You've used your gift to bless others.

  7. I'll bet they appreciate your really delicious and pretty gifts. That cranberry thingy looks really good, and the ribbon candy is such an old fashioned tradition we love.

  8. Beautiful tray of goodies to share. The recipients will enjoy each heavenly bite. xo


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