03 December 2016

peace dove.

working at the shop doesn't always mean i put my earned pennies in my wallet. sometimes it means i find something at the shop i can't leave at the end of my day - so an adoption of sorts takes place.
this was such an adoption.

a minuscule peace dove ..
perfect for our equally minuscule Christmas tree.
it's the only ornamentation in addition to the tiny vintage tree topper.
simplicity at its sweetest.

"If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men."    ~Romans 12.18


  1. Such a sweet, little dove. Love your simple tree.

    1. thanks, ad. :)
      thinking though that i should see what else this one vendor is offering...

  2. Replies
    1. i think i need to name of the dove. ;)

  3. I'm into simple this year too. Because of my new puppy, I've decided to forego a Christmas tree this year (lest she eat every ornament and then pull the tree over). I'm going to decorate with candles and poinsettias and a nativity scene. That's it. I'm really wanting to get back to basics.

    1. ♥ your plan!
      you'll share pictures, right?
      please? please.

  4. Sooooo pretty and perfect. (Great photo, too!)

  5. The peace dove is so cute and perfect for your tree, Sherry. Doves are very special birds, and one of my favorites. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves from buying that special treasure.


  6. Love this! I'm keeping things pretty simple this year, except I'm going a little overboard with the mantel. I don't think it's overboard. . .but I think my man does. Hah!

  7. Love the simplicity. Keeping things simple here too. The two of us are cutting our tree this weekend...going to decorate with white lights and paper snowflakes that we have handmade over the years. Simple is good. <3"


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