03 February 2017


i'm a voracious reader.. 
and have 4 or 7 books going at the present time.
in addition to the 11 still to read on kindle, and the
5 already read on my kindle thus far this year,
here's the hand held books i'm either currently
reading or will read .. this year. oh. and i've ordered
two more. a few in the stack are for further
research concerning the vile therapy
my daughter experienced and the result
{to date} of that therapy and my need to move forward.
most others are for personal
enjoyment and spiritual growth.

a new to me author is Jolina Petersheim.
after reading her book The Outcast, i knew i needed
to remain focused on this gifted author.
there are two books
The Midwife & The Alliance .. i'll be delving into,
beginning with The Midwife. come june 2017 the sequel
to The Alliance is set for release.
read The Outcast first .. highly recommended!
you can read more about this gifted author
by clicking **here** ..

other books i'm reading for my 3rd or even 11th (?) time. 
a couple books need to be sifted for the gold nuggets
and discard the remains from the brain.

i have a thing for books ... do you?
what are you reading?

"And when you love a book, commit one glorious sentence of it - perhaps your favorite sentence - to memory. That way you won't forget the language of the story that moved you to tears."
{ John Irving }


  1. I'm currently reading Done With The Crying. It has been a life changer for me. Wish I'd found it five years ago, it would have saved me a ton of heartache.

    1. ♥ .. ♥ .. ♥ .. ♥ .. ♥
      thinking of you and praying..
      holding you close at heart.

  2. I am currently reading "Different" by Sally and Nathan Clarkson. I'm reading "The Silent Songbird" by Melanie Dickerson, "The Residence" by Kate Anderson Brower.

    I love books too!

    1. i already had The Residence in my amazon wish list..!
      looks to be an interesting read. i must pace myself
      with my book purchases.. ahem.. so says my husband. ♥

  3. Hello Sherry, I am a voracious reader too and I love wearing pearls!
    I cannot believe that I have not read any of those titles in that stack of books...
    look forward to more of your blog posts.

    1. well hello there! :)
      i enjoy your blog and am inspired by your
      poise and style.. thanks for visiting my
      own little cottage in blogdom.

  4. Love Max Lucado. I have a new found love of reading. In the middle of Start With Why by Simon Sinek. Grace to you as you move forward.

    1. Start with Why is on my amazon wish list .. thank you for the tip! and thank you for the grace {as i move forward}. hoping my steps falter less and less. ♥

  5. wow, you're reading 7 books at a time! Good for you. I must get back to reading. I haven't read a good book in a very long time. Love the picture of all the books stacked up of your current reads.

    Have a restful weekend, Sherry.


    1. they're in different parts of the house and depending on my mood and how much time i have, i read the book that fits best. sometimes i confuse the books and that confuses my brain. wink.

  6. Oh my gosh. There are few things that make me as happy as a stack of books. I have them every where you turn here. Books give a house soul! And a person too, I think.

    1. we're speaking each other's language then! :)

  7. The More of Less is on my reading list too! I'm on hold for it at the library.

    Most of what I'm planning to read this year concerns my love of all things British. I'm going with British authors, Tudor history, and British set novels.


    1. we've (hubs & i) read most of the book .. we're in the process of downsizing in a big way - doing regular purges (donation or sale). it's so freeing.

      will you be blogging about the books you're reading? :)

  8. Like you, I have several books going at a time! I'm currently reading 'Wild Goose Chase' by Mark Batterson, 'Mud Season' by Ellen Stimson, '50 Days of Heaven: Reflections That Bring Eternity to Light' by Randy Alcorn and 'Imagine Heaven' by John Burke and soon to read 'In The Shadow of Denali' by Tracie Peterson. I just can't seem to make myself read one book at a time! So glad I'm in good company.

    1. i think there's plenty of us who read multiple books!
      we're in very good company, Ad. :) and i'm making note
      of the books you're currently reading .. ♥

  9. If I wrote as much as I read, I'd have a stack of books to the moon! Books are my escape when life becomes overbearing.

    1. boy do i identify with that thought, sandra. ♥

  10. Going to start A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken again...second time...twenty plus year spread. Evidence Not Seen is one of my all time favorite books! It's such a faith builder on the faithfulness of God to redeem any dark situation for His glory. Happy curling up with a book....books😉

    1. A Severe Mercy .. i have it and haven't read it yet. thank you for the reminder! putting that on the stack. and yes, Evidence Not Seen is a personal treasured favorite - - my copy is wonderfully well-loved, highlighted, to the point of almost falling apart. it's perfection.


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