23 February 2017

a wee outing & a personal journey.

peet's coffee found a precious friend and myself
enjoying catching up on each others lives .. 
a bit of coffee for her & water for me as i already
had two strong cups that morning.
it's not often i meet up with friends .. i tend to 
stay to myself for the most part. 
i so enjoyed time with carolyn
and treasure her own continued journey
now chronicled in a newly released book .. 
of which i'll share more about & soon!

recently i saw a pin on pinterest that said,

"i'm a social vegan .. i don't meet."

made me chuckle,
and made me nod my head just a bit
in the affirmative. cuz it's a little bit true.
didn't used to be .. but sometimes heartbreak
changes a person .. and i now live in a more quiet way.
i don't see it as a negative thing for it has awarded me
ample time to work through necessaries and determine
how i want to spend time, and with whom. 
i gather with friends .. just not often.
i'm careful in whom i place trust .. and who i do not.
.. and wisdom to know the difference ..

a couple weeks back the hubs and i were at peets
and i showed him a mug i rightfully deemed as lovely,
and said, "don't be surprised if these show up in our cubby."
and so yesterday i bought two. one for him & one for me.
the mug fits my hand perfectly and is never filled past the
middle mark to ensure quality richness with every sip. wink.
i'm a living breathing walking coffee advertisement.

and here it is . . espresso & cream toned . . glorious!

that handsome man in the picture is my beloved..
that lovely young girl is my daughter, years ago.
ohhh to hold her one more time. 
in my dreams & certainly my prayers.
she is loved without measure.

i've been pondering what new paths my blog will weave 
into its existence .. and decided to take you on my journey
of downsizing our home, creating a capsule wardrobe, 
realizing continued success in weight loss, and bits and pieces
of how i'm in process of emotional & spiritual growth
after the terrible happened .. and how this has a greater
effect in my life and perhaps the lives of others.
care to follow me on this journey?

::: gratuitous greens gander :::


  1. Oh, yes, I want to continue to walk with you in your journey and know more! Love the mugs - and the photos. I so want to learn a more simple life and you are far ahead of me. Waiting to hear more.

    1. your simplification process has been compounded as of late, ad - - i'm holding you close in my thoughts as you walk that path. the bitter with the sweet on larger scale than my own. and i look SO forward to seeing you in april!!!!! the guest room for you and your hubs is ready when you are. ♥♥♥

    2. Love the idea of your guest room. We will have our trailer with us for the trip and will park somewhere close by. Will be in touch with more thoughts. You inspire me!

    3. gracious sakes alive... park in front of our home!!!!

  2. Oh Yes, I'd love to follow you on your journey, my friend. It's nice that you are careful and choose who you want to spend time with. Something I'm learning myself. And it sounds like you are on the road to contentment in your life. Downsizing and de-cluttering is a great way to start. It clears the mind I think. It's nice that you spent time with your friend Carolyn. That coffee cup is very cool. Are you talking about Peets coffee? This is a handsome picture of your husband, and may you hold your daughter in your arms once again, Sherry.


    1. yes, Peet's coffee ♥ my favorite haunt. wink.
      when the chips are down and you're puddled on the floor,
      you learn real quick like who your friends really are.
      and yes, downsizing/decluttering is a **great** way to
      clear the mind of all the cobwebs! it's freeing!

  3. Yes, yes. I do want to follow you on this journey. As you know, I'm on a similar one myself. I found this post particularly poignant, Sherry. I think we are kindred spirits in many ways, and I found myself nodding while reading your words about socializing vs spending time alone, choosing friends wisely, how heartache changes a person, living in a more quiet way. Yes, I get it. I so get it. Love to you, dear friend. Hugs, too. ~ Nancy P.S. Love the new mugs, and the photos, too.

    1. i've (well, myself *and* the hubs) have found that having so much in the house, tucked away, etc has been bogging us down the past years. release reveals rest. thankful you're finding freedom in less though the process is sometimes challenging (for me anyway).

  4. Yep! I am in with you on this journey. The journey of our souls united in one perfect Father. A journey of similarities and glorious truths and sorrows and celebration and coffee and food and home. So much to look forward to!!! Lord Bless you precious lady and you journey on!!~tammy

    1. you dear heart are a blessing to my own heart.
      thank you.. ♥

  5. Loved your entire post and my heart hurts with you, still praying. Love the mugs and the pictures and understand the friendship part very, very well. Blessings!

    1. prayers of the saints ♥ ♥ ♥
      i'm so glad you take time out to visit..
      sure wish you'd blog more. hugs.

  6. Darling friend,

    You are beautiful inside and out, and I plan to be around no matter what you write about!

    Those mugs are perfect, and I'm certain your coffee tastes better out of them!

    1. for *sure* and for *certain* my cuppaJoe
      is extra delish sipped from these mugs. wink.
      thank you deanna - you're such a wonderful friend.

  7. Oh, I do want to follow your journey and learn from your path with Him.

    1. the path is strewn with pebbles and pits ..
      but He wins. great is His faithfulness!

  8. please forgive if I've commented twice...it's well known all over the world I am NOT computer literate! May God heal the heart pieces broken, may He restore the years the locust have eaten.
    I like cream in my coffee and that salad...I WANT! My body is starving for greens...not eating well since the house is torn into total chaos. Keep doing what you're doing, leave the comments on and I'll be 'round.

    1. only 1 comment showed up .. i'm thankful you commented.
      applause for a job well done. wink.
      thank you thank you thank you ... for praying.
      i like cream in MY coffee too but sometimes in the afternoon
      i go Rambo and drink it black.
      that salad? so good. so nourishing. and easy peasy.
      praying for your days during refurb/restore of parts of your home.
      it's unsettling being unsettled. such spiritual insights to be
      had in your situation or mine. selah... ♥

  9. So precious you are to me and many others, dear heart. God has shown Himself faithful and will continue to. I think talking of His goodness, faithfulness, and beauty during all of life's journey...whatever it may hold, can only build faith and encouragement in the lives of those who partake. You have already been an encouragement to so many with your heartfelt writing.❤
    That mug is all yumminess. XO

    1. thank you, 'j' .. He is **always** faithful
      and His mercies new every morning and moment..
      i treasure your friendship and continued
      prayer. ♥ ... that mug makes morning 'joe'
      extra wonderfulness. ;)

  10. Sherry, this post spoke to me on so many levels ... and I thank you for sharing. I love the vegan quote and feel the same way. Lately I find my own company is what I need the most. Your journey is my journey. Let's go.

    1. {{{hug}}} there's a certain strength
      finely honed in the "isolation" ...
      though not truly isolated, for He is
      ever present and his comfort abounds.

  11. Yes please, count me in on your journey. You always keep it interesting and inspiring. Your hubby is handsome and your lovely daughter is in my prayers.


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