01 February 2017

it happened before Christmas.

it happened before Christmas ..
that these sweet young folks traveled half way 'round the world from a land unlike our own, back to northern california to visit family and friends they hold dear as family. wendy & tim. wendy's mother planned a pre-Christmas gathering and we were all too ready to wrap our arms & hearts around this sweetest couple. i was asked to bring pie. 

an apple pie with a crumble crust 
and heavy dusting of powder,
baked in a spring form pan.
amazingly .. overnight little trees
took seed and sprouted 
for the occasion.

perfectly imperfect .. and delish.

it was further decided they'd come over to our house for coffee the next morning a bit before 7am. and so they did. along with coffee we had a pound of bacon and a breakfast casserole waiting for their willing taste buds. i think ... i hope ... they had their fill of pork while back in the good ole' USofA. it'll be too long (or so it seems) 
before we see them again. 
missed - - they are missed.

p.s. for those who inquired in message or email :: no, this lovely young woman is not my daughter. this daughter belongs to a dear friend named claudia. *my* daughter? we haven't seen her in nearly 5 years .. you can read more about that woe by clicking the 'grief' link on my sidebar. ♥


  1. Such a sweet reunion! Wendy looks just like her Mama <3

    1. she certainly does. :)
      it was SO good to spend time with them..
      precious peoples.

  2. So glad you are back!

  3. Sweet pie to celebrate! That looks amazing!

    You are a lovely person, inside and out!

    I was thinking of you today.

    You are loved.

    1. {{{ ♥ }}}
      that's good to know..that i'm loved.
      thank you, deanna.

  4. Yum! Such a sweet couple. Sounds like you had a very wonderful time together.

    1. time is fleeting .. and held dear.
      as you well know. ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Your pie looks amazing. Cute couple.

    1. it was tasty, that pie. :)
      i froze a slab of it .. should defrost
      it this weekend for the hubs to enjoy.
      that couple is for sure darling in every way.
      wendy has such a kind heart and soft demeanor.
      tim is a robust presence and gives the best bear hugs.

  6. Oh I can only imagine how much... Sweet couple! Your girl? She's cute as a button.

    1. they are so very sweet.. love them!
      no, not my girl. i haven't seen my girl
      in nearly 5 years. check out my grief posts..
      que on the sidebar.......... :(

  7. Precious and sweet visits <3 !!! Goodness me!! That apple pie tho?!?!!! Beautiful!! ~tammy

    1. that apple pie .. yUm.
      come over and have some..i'll have the coffee on too.

    2. Mercy that is inviting!!!! If i could blink n be there i'd be knockin on your door right now!!! Thank you for that precious invite!! :-)


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