27 February 2017


monday is my marketing day so i'm scanning the ads and forming a menu list for the week. today is 'meatless monday' so putting together something to go with a spaghetti squash screaming for use will happen. not wanting to hit the store(s) hungry, i made a nourishing breakfast to go with my 2nd cup of liquid life - essential part of my day. 

since september i've used the weight watchers plan for smart points and have found it to be overall quite simple in approach. becoming a healthier 'me' is certainly a perk to making wise food choices. 

1/2 cup thin sliced small potatoes
1/2 cup halved cherry tomatoes
1/2 tablespoon fat free feta
1 egg
salt & pepper
basil, red pepper flakes
non-stick spray

heat your non-stick pan and spray with non-stick spray.
add potatoes, tomatoes, seasonings in pan and put lid on.
cook on high for 2 minutes. stir and flip. lid on and cook
for a minute longer. move the pots & toms to the side
and quick spray then add the egg and feta. lid back on
until the desired "done'ness" of your egg is evident.
{... 5 smart points ...}

now for water, a mosey with the pooch, shower, and go!

hoping your monday offers unexpected blessings . .



  1. I could see your weight loss in your face in your profile photo! You are still beautiful!

    I wish I could hire you to cook for me!

    1. {{{ hug }}}
      thank you deanna.
      you're an awesome cook i'm sure of it!
      don't need me... ;)

  2. Dear Sherry, Howdy from Kansas.
    Blessings to you this fine day in February.
    Delicious meal and a hardy start to your day.

    1. hi deanna from kansas :)
      it's a beautiful day in NorCal ..
      not a rain cloud in sight! wink.

  3. Monday is usually my market day too, though I have had to push it off until tomorrow as something was pressing today. We're having meatless Monday too and spaghetti squash. I tell ya, great minds think alike!

    1. great minds indeed!
      our squash is in the oven right now..
      will make a salad .. we have a wedge of
      artisan bread to go alongside. oh.. and
      i'll whip up a bit of lo-cal alfredo
      sauce to drizzle on the squash. yUm.

  4. Sherry, eggs and potatoes are my favorite breakfast, and with toast, even better. Your meal looks so good. Never tried cherry tomatoes with potatoes. I went grocery shopping today too. It's nice to have all those goodies first of the week. ; )


    1. sourdough with a slather of butter..!
      i remember it well. sniff. ;)

  5. Sounds delightfully delicious! Thanks for sharing - and the SmartPoints, too. I'm working to get back on track with my Weight Watchers journey. A wonderful meeting last night that encouraged and inspired! Do you have a certain menu plan for each day of the week? Meatless Monday is a great way to start!

    1. good for you! and it's *always* good to have a ww leader who makes the meeting interesting and inviting and motivating! i've recently implemented the meatless monday idea and think i'll keep it up. and taco tuesday! makes things easy.

  6. Oh that looks like my lunch. ; > Thanks for the idea! Congrats on your weight loss...all the best with ongoing success.

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on blogging in your comment at my place.

  7. g'morning vee :)
    hoping your weekend is fine and dandy..


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