07 February 2017


ahh yes, rain. more rain. rain. and rain.
wind. more wind. the kind that breaks branches
and flings the dog's dishes into the garden.
does it ever stop? seemingly no. 
and while i **know** we **need** the rains
to combat the decade long drought conditions,
please. just. please. enough already.
winter is typically wet'ish in my part of the world
but this winter is wreaking havoc with too
much rain in my estimation. therefore, i'll
remain home as much as it is possible, though
2 absolutely necessary errands must take place
this morning. so. i dress for the event then 
once home my comfy clothes will happen,
snuggling with the pooch will happen,
extra comfy blankies, fuzzy socks, messy hair bun,
coffee or maybe tea will happen, netflix,
puttering, mending, reading .. will happen.
hoping you're cuddled up cozy in your little
world, waiting out whatever wicked weather wallows ..


  1. We have a freezing rain warning here. I'm not going anywhere, lol.

    1. oh wow... i don't envy your situation.
      stay cozy and warm inside. hoping damage
      isn't severe by the time your storm ends. ♥

  2. Ah and we have a snowstorm...all is quiet this morning and the scene is pure white.
    Stay cozy Sherry and enjoy your day.

    1. so quiet that you can hear the snow falling?
      i remember that as a little girl growing up
      in northeast illinois.

  3. I so agree! Our winter has been very mild here with only one small snow. The absence of moisture has me a little worried for the coming Spring and Summer, but it does no good for me to worry does it. We'll get what we get, and He will know how much this corn and pumpkin growing county can get by with.
    It's foggy and drizzly today and Beau and I have had our stroll outside. Now is the time for all those comfort things you mentioned. More coffee sounds good!

    1. if i could i'd GLADLY send some of the wet stuff
      your way, debbie!!!!!

  4. I like Jane's quote. Home is where I am the most comfortable and finally I can relax enough to not even get dressed but stay in my housecoat for hours. I use to not be caught without make-up. Not anymore. Sending warm wishes to you that you have a comfy home time.

    1. i'm up early and out for a walk early .. on a typical day. cuz i have this pooch that demands i be awake, dressed, and rattling her leash for a walkie. i apply lippystick and sunglasses just in case i meet up with the neighbor who always looks like a million bucks. that one morning i don't put on the lippystick? i'd meet up with her. i just know it. haha

  5. I've been seeing so much rain and snow pack out in Cali. Glad for it, for drought abatement, but I know how crazy too much rain can be!

    Your day, after your errands, sounds delightful!

    1. flooding happening in the outskirts of our town again.. sigh.
      i'm downsizing my kitchen and other cubbies. i dare say a trip
      to a donation place will be in order. :)

  6. Yes, lots of rain here, but we didn't have it for so long that I appreciate it immensely. I still go out and run errands and do the stuff I have to regardless of the rain. That 'Home' quote is wonderful. There's just nothing like home, is there, Sherry? Yours sounds so cozy with the warm blankets, fuzzy socks, and coffee or tea. :)


    1. after rainy day errands it's always good to come home. home is where our hearts area, hm? ♥ made a delish roasted tomato and egg dish tonight. yUm. it's almost 6:45 and i'm seriously considering slipping into the covers and reading until lights out. i know evelyn the precious pooch is always fair game for that... :)

  7. Ahh, yes . . . home is best! Particularly when it is raining cats and dogs and/or blowing a gale!

    (Admiring your alliteration, my word-loving friend!)

    1. it rained hephalumps and whoozles last night!

  8. Comfy clothes have been happening here a lot. And no precip. I'm ready for either a big snow or warm enough temps to get outside and get a good dose of fresh air.

  9. It's a rainy evening here in my part of the world. My sweetheart is at a dinner that didn't include me so I'm enjoying moments of quiet while my little dog sleeps nearby. Love your idea of staying in - that's what I'm doing tonight after a busy day!


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