08 February 2017

the heavens & a mosey with the pooch.

there was a break in the storm ..
so evelyn the precious pooch slipped into her 
raincoat and me in mine, i snapped her leash in place,
and we dashed to the out of doors with umbrella in hand
for the just in case expected unexpected downpour that happened
toward the end of our mosey. mosey. yes. she no longer takes walks.
she's getting on in years so her gait has become a mosey. as in slower
than a snail's pace in any race to the point of almost going backwards. 

there's two areas she fancies to graze 'midst her mosey.
since our home no longer has grass, 
she becomes cow'ish or goat'ish 
in the neighboring lawn(s). 
she also uses those lawns as a disposal for her business..
don't worry .. i put the business in a pink bag right away!
i'm a good dog owner, i am. wink.

i just had to stop for a second and snap this pic
of rain clouds over the sierra .. methinks tahoe's getting pounded!

evelyn in her adorable rain slicker.......grazing.

me? i wore grey and black and a floral scarf tied just so,
a black ball cap with my horse's tail lop of hair stuffed
inside completed the outfit. and pinky rust lippystick.
thank you for asking. ahem.


  1. I'll bet you both looked charming. Although you may have looked as if you were 'casing' the neighborhood. :D

    1. evelyn turns the head of many a driver. wink.
      and everyone is her friend .. unless they have
      a dog on leash then it's me who says, "leave it!
      leave it! leave it!" .. she's rather protective
      of her mama. as to casing the neighborhood? always. ;)

  2. You are both adorable! Glad you had a mosey, she has important stuff to sniff, you know.

    Beautiful sky!

  3. Beau is protective to. In fact I'm embarrassed by his lethal reaction to other canines. (He has never known he is a dog). It's hard to pretend he isn't mine when he's tied to my arm!

  4. enjoyed your almost poetic description of dayout with your cutie!
    beautiful photos .these clouds are bringing so much water drops i can see this

  5. Evelyn looks cute in her rain coat hehehe. Lovely cloud picture, Sherry. It rained alot here today. Your pink lipstick sounds marvelous. I haven't worn lipstick in a very long time. Just wear the clear kind. :)

    Have a good Friday and weekend, Sherry.


  6. Love those rain clouds. I like the description of your mosey attire. You and Evelyn really know how to dress! xo

  7. Love Miss Evie's raincoat! My pooch requires a more masculine type of coat so we don't match when we walk! Wish we could walk our doggies together.


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