13 March 2017

spring and such.

spring has certainly sprung!
early last evening we took the pooch for a stroll
and this view greeted us around the turn. 
glorious white blooms..

life in evidence everywhere ..
including a hawk's nest in process high above our home in a tall tree. 
on a lower limb edge is a hummingbird nest .. 
the hummer is resting and keeping a watchful eye. 

we're enjoying 70's temperatures this week ..
as such i do believe we'll grill tonight:
cod, sweet peppers & onions, pineapple
with a spicy sweet smoky drizzle.

grocery shopping today .. then again on thursday for fresh ingredients through the weekend. the shop i work at .. is hosting the 4th annual vintage trailer show and antique flea market set for this saturday. i'm coordinating the trailers and classic cars.. much time for planning and lots of hours on site friday and all day saturday from 5:30am to at least 5:30pm. bringing food for both days so i'm not too tempted by the food trucks offering high caloric and fat infused items .. it'd do me in for sure and for certain. so. i'm planning in advance and hoping i stick to my plan. i've experienced a couple seriously thoughtless days this past week and a bit concerned about weigh in tomorrow morning. but. this is life and i need to have grace with myself. i'm on an excellent plan and doing my level best... a few misdemeanor meals (or a felony meal at that!) won't ruin me too badly. wink. wink.

saturday morning i tried on a few clothing items that were once much too snug on my frame. they're now much too large! i put 2 dresses in the donation bag .. the other item i'm keeping because i believe i'll be able to tailor it to fit for a few more months as long as i keep on keepin' on. a thrifted white shirt (i ♥ my white shirts!!!) is a beautifully kept ralph lauren number i picked up for $3 well over a year ago. even though it was much too small at the time of purchase i bought it anyway and stuck it in the back of my closet. it's now too large but i'm keeping it anyway because roomy white shirts are a love of  mine. they're *my thing.* i'll wear it open with a simple tank underneath .. folding up the cuffs .. and a pretty scarf or necklace. it's a keeper for sure. 

the 5 year mark is coming up this friday the 17th .. 
5 years since we saw our daughter. 
before she abandoned, rejected, & alleged the impossible
and most horrible. thanks to wicked therapy
known as memory regression, at a 
so-called faith based counseling program.
brainwashed into believing terrible things.
many daughters of many parents .. 
we're in contact with even more, adding to our numbers...
parents who've lost their precious girls.
same program. same exact allegations.
while friday will be a challenging anniversary day of sorts,
i'm thankful i'll be SO busy .. that in itself is a blessing.
we miss our daughter and love her regardless.
we love - no matter what - we love
always & forever love

this picture was taken 8 years ago ..
i remember it like it was yesterday.

besides weekly marketing, i have some ironing to do and a couple loads of laundry to wash and dry. with the weather so beautifully warm and sunny, i do think using the clothesline is a good option. love the smell of sheets on the clothesline, don't you? 

on saturday i worked at the shop and golly it was busy! always a good thing. plenty of Annie Sloan paint being purchased for springtime projects along with an equal amount of decor and furniture making its exit with new owners or plans for gifts. a sweet couple came in, in search of inspiration for staging their wedding reception - and walked out with 2 vintage suitcases - one for cards and one to actually use for their first home together, making it into a coffee table by adding legs. 

the hubs took me out for a burger at a favorite burger joint in town called The Habit Burger. yum. just yum. and yum again. 
and triple yum yum. yum.

he brought our trailer home so i can tend to it this week as we're showing it at the event this saturday. there will be 12 trailers in all along with 3 classic cars. oh, and about 40 antiques and upcycle vendors, 4 food trucks, and a band called the vintage vandals. going to be an active day! i do believe that by the time i get home and get things put away and greet the pooch i'll be ready for jammies and nighty night extra early. zzz.

i haven't forgotten the recipe i promised to share..
i apologize for the delay. soon. for sure.



Red Rose Alley said...

The white blossom trees are showing up in your neighborhood and how beautiful. We have a few of them too, but mostly Pink. Oh, I'd love to see that hummingbird nest. That little bird fascinates me so. A sweet picture, Sherry, and how special are your words.....we love - no matter what - we love - always and forever love. Keep those thoughts, dear one.


Deanna Rabe said...

I'm glad you'll be busy, but I know that the anniversary will be painful. It always will. Still praying regularly and she's been on my mind today. Praying for her.

Your event sounds wonderful and if I was going to be anywhere near there I'd go to it!

Love you much skinny minnie!

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

o dear Lord. Sherry, I've often wondered as I've prayed for you and your daughter but had no idea. I cannot imagine the horror and upset your daughter, you and your husband have been through. I am deeply sorry. "Vengeance is mine, I will repay" says God but, in the mean time (no pun intended), your poor, broken, shattered heart. I cry with you.

the uncommon pearl said...

Prayers abounding on Friday for all the above. 💗

elizabeth said...

Always praying and believing for your girl to come back.

Dorothy Langlois said...

Oh Sherry, big heart hugs and prayers sent your way. I personally don't believe there is a deeper heartache than one that involves our children -- I speak from experience. Motherhood is hard but for the grace of God and His amazing love and goodness to us. It is so hard to see that love and goodness sometimes but I praise God that as I read your posts you do see. Enjoy your special vintage weekend - sounds like so much fun. Don't work too hard!
Blessings and Hugs,

Deanna said...

Hello Sherry. Yep, I love the smell clothing dried on the clothesline. When our temps warm some, I'll be out in the backyard hanging clothes. I will need to get some clothes pins to replace the ones I lost in our fire. That's another item I forgot about. Beautiful Spring tree. Loving the blooms here.

My heart aches for you as I cannot even imagine the pain you have been through and the challenges you face from day to day. Will be praying this week for you and all involved. 5 years. May God comfort you and your husband. Being busy will help.


Sherry said...

the pinks are on the main drag in town .. so beautiful. but in our neighborhood it's largely the whites. :) if i can zoom in close enough to take a pic i'll surely share the hummer's nest. so tiny and sweet. ♥

Sherry said...

skinny minnie...? haha not. never will be don't wanna be. BUT! i'm certainly a bit smaller in my journey to health. ♥ and thank you for not telling me to "get over it" or "pretend she never existed." i love you deanna.

Sherry said...

and yes... that was suggested. :/

Sherry said...

if not on earth then certainly in heaven those guilty of that wicked therapy will answer for how they aided in destroying family relationships and lives. oh yes. {{{{{{{{{{ love you }}}}}}}}}}}

Sherry said...

i treasure those prayers dearest friend. ♥♥♥

Sherry said...

and i'm forever grateful and humbled by your consistent prayer breathed heavenward, elizabeth. ♥

Sherry said...

thank you, dorothy. ♥
this morning clark and i talked about there being beauty in the midst of the terrible. and isn't that a lovely thing... for HE is beauty. no matter what.

Sherry said...

{{{{{ ♥ }}}}}
thank you deanna.
He is ever faithful in all of life's challenges..
i know you know this personally.

Adrienne said...

My heart aches for you, dear friend, as you approach an anniversary never planned. Praying for you and believing for her return.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sherry,

Grace for yourself. I love this idea. It is not one that i am good at putting into practice and i am grateful for the reminder!!! We are to extend grace like we have been shown grace. That is amazing grace!! <3 On food, God gave it to us to enjoy. You always share beautiful food with us. You are doin SO wonderfully well on your journey. I am thankful for the show this weekend (if i could i'd be there!!!!)for you. The pain in the anniversary...Oh Sherry i am just so so sorry. I. do. not. understand. why on earth anyone would do that to daughters continually!!! I can not wait for Heaven when no more of this tragedy can happen!! I am just so sorry. You are loved and prayed for precious sister in Jesus. ~tammy

Sherry said...

{{{ ♥ }}}
thanks, ad.
"an anniversary never planned"
poignant phrase for the 'occasion' ..

Sherry said...

{{{{{ thank you }}}}}

Tarnished Royalty said...

Praying for the blinders to be lifted from your daughter's eyes and heart and that she will be drawn back to her loving parents. Warm hugs.

Sherry said...

... from your lips to God's ears.
thank you ♥

Anonymous said...

Thought about and prayed for you all weekend!! How are you?? How did the show go?? ~tammy

Sherry said...

i was drenched with blessing, knowing you (and others) were praying. ♥thank you♥

Rue said...

Hi sweet Sherry :)

There's so much to say...

First off.... I love a good food truck, so I wish you luck in trying to abstain. I know I couldn't lol

Congratulations on getting your weight down. I eat healthy during the week, but the weekends are causing me troubles. It might also be the candy that I bought recently ;) Oh and I love white shirts, especially with pearls. It's such a classic and so is Ralph Lauren :)

I love the smell of anything from a clothesline. In fact I really need to put mine up. It's only been sitting in the shed for two years lol

I'm so sorry you had to deal with Evie getting sprayed. It's never fun, but I'm glad she's smelling better :)

And your daughter....I pray one day she comes to her senses. I'm pretty sure I've told you that before, but I'll keep praying for all of you.


Sherry said...

{{{ ♥ }}}

Anonymous said...


I am pretty sure that you are, but are you the Sherry that has formed somewhat of a Sozo victims group? If so I would be very interested in participating in anyway that I can. I also lost a daughter to sozo.

Would it be possible to correspond with you?

Sherry said...

yes, that's me. please email me at andwearpearls @ gmail dot com