06 March 2017

wardrobe tones.

when i was a teen i recall my mother sharing some wise advice..
basically, when decorating, choose a picture you're drawn to and love
and bring out the colors to decorate your room. that way everything
will work together and seem effortless.

deanna over at creekside cottage recently shared a blog
post about capsule wardrobes from which my memory was jogged. 

from this intentional process in how to
decorate a room, it makes perfect sense to 
use the same planning guide for ourselves. 

what artwork, decorative scarf, even a colorful purse . . .
draws you in? you needn't use all the colors from the picture(s),
only those that speak to you .. & those tones that bring your 
coloring to life. in the past few months i've been adding
inspiration to a private pinterest board.
the two pictures below are what i'm personally drawn to,
the tones bringing a spark to my eyes and heart
and sense of well being. 

source unknown .. discovered on pinterest

my neutral wardrobe colors are black, white, gray, beige.
accent colors chosen are
blue, rose, green, peach, red, & a touch of yellow.
i easily see those tones in the 2 pictures shared above.
as my wardrobe comes together more i'll be sure to share
a few pics of the lot. i have to say, i love *not* having
many pieces of clothing as it's much easier to get dressed
in the morning and i feel much more put together.

blessings on your week ..



  1. Yes, I can see those colors in these two pictures! I learned about picking colors out of art work or fabric for decorating, and it absolutely makes sense in the clothing realm too!

    I am taking my almost 15 year old daughter to shop for needed clothing today, and we are using the capsule wardrobe idea. Black and Navy blue are going to be her neutrals and she will go with more muted colors for her accent colors. That suits her. And her being a teenager she will be much more casual in her choices as she does not need a work wardrobe, though she will have some nicer items for church.

    Hopefully we'll make some progress and I'll post about it tomorrow!

    1. how neato is that .. to work the capsule wardrobe plan into your 15 year old daughter's life. smart thinking! and i imagine it'll be so much fun to create. looking forward to your post ♥

  2. I can see why that first pictures speaks to you, so calming.
    And your Mama's decorating advice is spot on! You are right that advice does work well for the wardrobe too! I know I need to clean out some things and let go, this is inspiring!!!!
    And it makes a difference what our eye and hair color is too. My Mama went from a brunette to silver/white in the last two years and it has changed her wardrobe, out with the brown, orange and tans and in with the black, white, blues and red!!
    Thinking of you often.

    1. i'm in total agreement carissa anne .. when i went from deep chestnut hair to what it is now .. silver/white (yet with the lower back still mostly chestnut) .. i had to change both my clothing colors *and* makeup colors! hugs to you..

    2. YES! Make up colors too, lip color, eye shadow, it is amazing how a different hair color can do that.xoxox

  3. I look forward to seeing glimpses of your clothing, Sherry. I like the accent colors you have chosen. This art work is so charming. I always wondered what it would be like to have deep blue eyes, as I'm a "brown-eyed girl." : )


    1. i rec'd a polka dot scarf today - ordered from an etsy shop! i now have *4* polka dot scarves - each a different color. ♥ polka dots. :) brown eyes are gorgeous, sheri! mine are blue-ish and green-ish depending on what i'm wearing.

  4. What do you know? I am (for once) ahead of the times. For years, I have had a capsule wardrobe . . . even though I had never heard of such a thing. Denim (jeans) and black are my neutrals; jewel tones (red, royal, coral, jade) are my accents along with white and more black. My closet is rather comical looking, but it works for me.

    Have fun with your collecting! Can't wait to see some of your choices!

    1. you're a fashion forward kinda gal, cheryl!
      i'm behind the times but gaining speed up the hill.

  5. Hi Sherry. This is such a neat way to decorate. I remember having an interior decorator share with a class I was taking to do this with pictures in rooms. Like the way this works. Glad you shared. Seriously downsizing and have a ways with clothing, but I've got to downsize in the closet as well. Think I had better get after it.

    1. tomorrow i'm sifting through my tshirt drawer..
      after realizing i have simply too many and haven't
      worn a number of them which are now a bit too loose
      for my frame. i've refitted a few so far to fit me
      on this next weight loss goal in the journey. but
      i don't need allll the tshirts.

      i find that i have "uniforms" i veer toward.

  6. This is a great post! Loved following the thoughts through the accompanying blogs. I so need to revisit the capsule plan for my wardrobe. It has been in the past but has gotten a bit out of control in recent years. Of course, I have some things that MUST be in my wardrobe - and might be incorporated in my capsule colors a bit. Colors worn at sports events in which grandsons participate are a 'big' thing. Fortunately for me, their colors compliment my coloring. Black is always a neutral for me and forest green is complimentary to my skin and eye tones so I can fit right in at the games! :)

    1. you always look lovely, ad.
      and yes, you have your colors solidly in place :)
      i'm excited to see you soon!!!

  7. Oooo I love both of those pictures, the tones are lovely. I'm still pondering the capsule wardrobe. The thing I think I would really like about it (besides the lack of clutter) is that I could put more focus on accesorizing which is the most fun part of putting an outfit together in my opinion.

    1. that's my thought too .. accessories being key.
      i have a gazillion scarves, necklaces, bracelets,
      etc. thinking that keeping to basics and up-styling
      what i'm wearing is the way to go. it's all a process.

  8. Hi Sherry :)

    I've been reading about these capsule wardrobes and think I need to give it a try, but in a vintage way, since I wear mostly dresses. I like the idea of using a favorite painting.

    Anyway, it's definitely on my to-do list :)


    1. vintage style capsule wardrobe... ooohh aaahh! ♥

  9. As you know, I've been going through this same process. It's not only made dressing a lot simpler, it's also made me feel good about opening my closet door. Love being able to see everything there so clearly. Good luck with your capsuling. Looking forward to more on this. xo

    1. i'm amazed to learn (most every day) how many of my clothing pieces go with other pieces. this is good gravy! oh and ... i put a few more pieces in the donation bag. woohooo!


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