01 March 2017


tuesday morning began early (when doesn't it for me?!).. coffee, devotions, lovies for the pooch, feed the pooch, accompany the pooch during her 'business', coffee for the hubs, lunch made for the hubs, thank God i don't need to accompany the hubs for *his* 'business'!, talk with the hubs (cuz i've had my coffee and he's now safe..wink) while he ate breakfast, saw the hubs off, a bit of internet stuff, shower, mosey with the pooch  (it was 32 degrees so wore gloves and a hat), then dress for my ww weigh-in & meeting. i wear the lightest weight clothing in my wardrobe for that weekly undertaking and even go so far as to remove my shoes, sockies, wristwatch, necklace, and wedding ring before stepping on the scale.. deep breathing then step on the scale and while my left eye peeks open from a squint i'm pleased with a bit of loss. half a pound this week for a total of 39.2 since september.. loss has been a bit slower the past few weeks and i remind myself to drink my daily water and track my foods rather than rely on my middle aged brain. wink. slow & steady.

note: sucking one's tummy in during weight check does not vary one's actual weight. nor does holding one's breath. i know. i tried. and failed. it was comic relief for the ww representative though.

with weight loss comes a need for smaller clothing which means that the clothing in my closet and dresser must find a new home. a few weeks ago i removed all the items i no longer fit into and stuffed them into big black leaf bags. i filled 3. three! i don't know if that's something to be celebrated or embarrassed by in that i had SO much clothing! the hubs hoisted the bags into the back of my suburban assault vehicle and soon i was on my way to donate the contents to our local upcycle thrifty place. gone! gone are some pounds and clothing that held my pounds. on to making continued better choices in what i ingest and what i use to clothe myself. spending time in my favorite thrifty place(s) and on ebay .. i purchased some pieces that will do me well for this journey mark. 

why did i gain {so much} weight? i fed the grief that was and continues to be in my heart. simply put. that doesn't mean i didn't seek refuge in my Savior's arms, that doesn't mean i didn't place the hurt at the throne of the One who loves me best. repeatedly .. and continued every moment to the present time and beyond. it's a battle i'll perhaps always deal with, quite honestly. as individuals we deal with grief differently and this was but one of my ways. what you see before you on this blog is an imperfect woman making imperfect choices. with the heavy fog in my mind & heart, i was seemingly unable to make a different choice. but i'm making better choices now, in that realm. there are other indications of grief i still battle and i'll share about a few of those in upcoming posts. for the weight issue though .. i'm moving forward and no longer desire to be identified by the grief in that particular way. by God's grace.

realizing i can put together a wardrobe plan mid course on this journey, i began reading blogs and websites and pinterest boards devoted to making wise choices in style, fabric, & quality, for a woman of middle years .. as this spring i turn 59 .. or the 25th anniversary of my 34th year. wink. i don't dress 'hip' or take to 'fads.' no skinny jeans for this chick - the very thought is laughable - on me! nor am i able to wear spike heels or really much of a heel at all with my bad footsies. additionally, i'm not 20 and i don't want to attempt looking 20, therefore i have my own style - in clothing, wrinkles, and silver hair. it's a personal choice - it has nothing to do with your personal choice. classics and basics is more my speed. period.

i established my neutral colors and accent colors .. 
i established my general style ..
and am incrementally establishing a 30 hanger wardrobe.
living smaller .. simpler.

note: having to donate your absolutely favorite go-to denim jacket because you're practically swimming in it can produce the need for a moment of silence and self encouragement during the sobs and gulps .. whew.

the rabbit trails this wardrobe trip takes one on is dizzying! 

The Vivienne Files is a my go-to site for inspiration.
the idea to use a work of art, a scarf, etc .. to draw colors from for your capsule wardrobe is in my estimation .. ingenious! choosing pieces that work together, many of which may already be in your current wardrobe, is pure wisdom - rather than having a closet full of clothes that don't go together save for one other item. Janice Riggs (site owner) takes this reality to a level that clicked in my brain.. at the top of her website is the option to **start here**. do that. then set a timer cuz the rabbit trail on her site alone will keep you there for hours on end and my dears your family needs to be fed! 

until next time ...


  1. Wowza!!!I'm so proud of you! What an inspiration you are! As for the beloved denim jacket...have you seen on Pinterest where they repurpose denim jackets/jeans into adorable aprons? It might be a way to put those treasures to good use, though it sounds like it made it into those three bags and are in the hands of another. Have a wonderful time shopping for your new wardrobe!Love and hugs!

    1. aww thank you, 'j' :)
      i'm a little over half way to my goal weight.
      making do with thrifted type pieces but when
      i hit goal i have plans for an "investment"
      capsule wardrobe. ♥

    2. oh and the denim jacket? gone gone gone ... sniff.

  2. Congratulations! 39+ pounds since September is awesome! Like you, classics and basics are my style. They're what I'm most comfortable wearing. Thanks for the link to The Vivienne Files. I'll check it out. Hugs, Nancy

    1. ... with much more to go. thank you nancy.
      if you get lost at the vivienne files put out an
      S.O.S. and i'll send help. wink.

  3. That is such a great accomplishment, friend. Good for you!

    I am heading over to that website right now! I like this idea of a capsule wardrobe!

    1. i'm thinkin' a capsule wardrobe will save time, effort, and $ in the long run! mix and match. {{{hugs}}}

  4. Howdy Sherry. Enjoyed this read. Congrats on pounds b gone. Am working at what I can do and it's struggle. The 30 hangers caught my eye as I have downsized due to wanting to and also fire loss. I have had a difficult time turning loose of so much and with God's help I am able to do better. sigh. This has been a journey. All the best! d

    1. it *is* a struggle! especially if necessary meds make things difficult in that way.. you've experienced a forced downsize what with the house fire .. i'm hoping you can find the right fit (pun somewhat intended..) for you and your lifestyle at the present time. me? i still say yes to elastic waist pants. wink.

  5. Sherry, good for you for losing the weight. I know it's hard, I'm trying myself. And it's great of you to donate so much of your clothing. I have never been into fads, and I usually like the basics (one-color shirts and jeans, and have a classic style, but I do like a few bold colors now and then. And I can't wear the high heels any more either). Good luck on your weight loss journey. I'm rooting for you, Sherry. : )


    1. my wardrobe for now is largely basic in tone and style..
      i have fear of color. but at the thrifty place i found a
      very lightweight jacket for spring/summer.. there's hot
      pink in the fabric! gasp! and i like it. shocking to me.

  6. Oh Sherry rock that bod! I know you look fabulous dear, and can't wait to see that new wardrobe.
    My summer goal it to tone and fit,mand a new summer style.
    Your beauty must be shinning. Keep up the fabulous work, and show it off in your new summer suit pool or beach side xx


    1. a little over half way there, dore.
      slow and steady.
      i've begun toning exercises .. it'll be a long road.

  7. Wowza . . . 38 pounds since September?! Wonderful, and what an inspiration you are! Reversing habits is not easy, especially when there are such circumstances that have created the bad habits (or at least made them easy). I am inspired by your determination!

    I hope you'll share some pics of your new wardrobe when it all comes together.

    1. 39.2 !!! :)
      just a bit over half way to my goal.
      so it'll be a while yet. ♥
      my mid-stream goal and its wardrobe
      is in progress and i'll for sure show
      examples though most likely on hangers
      and not on my body. wink.

  8. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!! Wowza that is amazing!!! Firstly your sweet confession (cuz we can all relate and it helps to know we ain't in the trenches alone!!), Secondly, on your weight loss!!!!!!! WaHOOO Girlie!!!! Way to persevere!!! And please please please know that i think 1/2 pnd a week is amazing!!! Thirdly, (is that a word?) On gettin rid and pairin down on clothes!!! Fourthly, i really am thankful to hear how you love your husband!! It all encourages my heart!! Praisin God with you on all these wonderful things!! ~tammy

    1. half way to goal .. onward!
      simplifying one's life in all forms
      is, i'm finding, both freeing and abundant.
      big hugs dear tammy.. you're a treasure ♥

  9. I missed this post while on the road to our grandson's basketball tournament - thus, catching up now. Congratulations on your weight loss. I can't wait to see (and hug) the 'new you' next month and to see the wardrobe you are putting together. You inspire me, dear friend. I've been bogged down in my weight loss efforts of late but have started again. My wardrobe is in need of inspiration, too!

    1. lol .. the 'new me' is still in progress dear friend.
      for me the weight issue became a spiritual issue of the heart..
      God needed to put in place the decision .. and i needed to listen.
      i finally relented to His leading. i *want* to be healthier
      whereas before i didn't care .. truly. the grief overtook any
      sense of well being. it's a new day dawning. ♥

  10. I laughed out loud more than once during this post. Thank you for being transparent. You're a beautiful soul.

    1. i re-read my post a few times and thought to myself,
      "did i really type that out loud?!" snicker..

  11. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn't show up.
    Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  12. "Just a simple woman, living an increasingly simple life ..." spoke to me from your sidebar. I began the simple wardrobe of a limited number of good classic pieces when I was four and choosing my school clothes for kindergarten. It has served me well.


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