12 April 2017

chicken and veggies oh my.

with my guests arriving in the evening, 
i chose a dinner easily put together and plated well. 

firstly, choose fresh ingredients.
second, set your oven to 400 degrees.
set out two lipped cookie sheets and line with parchment.
then get a smallish tin pan and line it with parchment. 
so you'll have three sheets/pan going... 

1} in the first cookie sheet went broccolini, an array of mushrooms (so fun to try new ones and they look pretty on the plate), small tomatoes halved or quartered, fresh basil, whole garlic cloves w/o skin, fresh cracked pepper and a twirl of kosher salt .. and extra virgin olive oil. toss well (but carefully so as to not break the little shrooms apart) and put on a parchment lined cookie sheet. set aside.

2} i used a mandoline to slice a large shallot nearly paper thin. thyme, cracked pepper, kosher salt, extra virgin olive oil ... toss well and put in the smallish pan described above. set aside.

3} i bought 3 large chicken breasts w/o skin or ribs. after cutting them in half i put one at a time in a zipper type baggie and pounded them to about 1/3 inch thickness. then i put them in the parchment lined cookie sheet and drizzled extra virgin olive oil, cracked pepper, kosher salt, fresh basil and thyme, then a final drizzle of a wonderful balsamic sauce from trader joe's. that's the dark stuff. {set aside}

4} mid afternoon i washed, peeled, and sliced a few russet potatoes and set them to boil. once done i drained them and whipped them with cream and butter, parsley, salt, pepper. i sprayed my cute little crock pot named winnie with 'pam' and put the finished potatoes in there to keep warm. yes, i name appliances. this one - winnie - is thus named in honor of my mother's middle name. well, it's a take on her middle name. winnie it is.

5} once your oven is ready, put the sheet of chicken inside and close the door (duh.). after 15 minutes, turn the sheet of chicken to the side so you can also fit the sheet of veggies on the same rack. on a lower rack slide in the smallish pan of shallots. close the door. wait 15 minutes then remove everything and put it on the counter, where you'll plate the food.

6} begin building with a dollop of potatoes. then cozy up a serving of chicken and veggies next to and over just a smidge on top of the chicken. onto the potatoes a bit of the roasted shallots take residence.

7} ... and serve. sorry for the poor picture quality of the plated meal. you get the idea though. it turned out well and was well received .. and ... well .... yUmmy.

... the next day my guests arrived for lunch (then shopping afterward). using the chicken and veggies from the previous night's dinner, i created a greek chicken salad that turned out rather well. 

fresh arugula and baby spinach (no stems on the spinach please) piled on the platter. then the sliced chicken and veggies, fresh tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta, and chopped roasted chickpeas. brianna's creamy balsamic vinaigrette was on the table, as were toasted slices of flat bread. a simple and pretty meal. 



Deanna Rabe said...

Yummy! I'm not a mushroom girl, but even I would be tempted by your veggies! That chicken sounds delightful!

You are a wonderful hostess.

Winnie is cute! My mother in law's middle name is Winifred. Winnie sounds cuter!

the uncommon pearl said...

Yum, yum, and double yum! I love your description, and yes I think it is perfectly normal to name inanimate objects. I do 😉.

Sherry said...

my mother's middle name is Winona, emphasis on the second syllable unlike the singer's preference of WInona.

when you come in summer (Lord willing) we'll be grilling. well, the hubs will be grilling (he's the grill master in this house). good eats await.

Sherry said...

my stove is aggie.
my suburban assault vehicle is annie.
my trailer is heidi.


Red Rose Alley said...

What a wonderful meal. How funny that you named your crock pot Winnie after your mother. I think she would be pleased with this meal.

Happy Easter to you, dear Sherry.


Sherry said...

happy easter to you as well, sheri.
hope your day is overflowing with love.

Adrienne said...

It was a delightful, delectable meal! And lunch the next day equally so. Flavors and textures to be remembered for years to come - but the best part was sitting at your table with you, dear friend. Thank you for sharing the 'recipes'. One would hope to come close to the taste when following your directions.

Sherry said...

the pleasure was mine .. so thankful so blessed - that you and dave came to visit while on your extended tour. i'm honored to be called your friend. ♥