05 April 2017



"one of the hardest things you will ever have to do,
my dear, is grieve the loss of a person who is still alive."

". . . i was busy taking deeper breaths.
i was busy silencing irrational thoughts.
i was busy calming a racing heart.
i was busy telling myself i am okay.
sometimes, this is my busy,
and i will not apologize for it."

i shouldn't be shocked by newly learned 
deception and betrayal . . . but i am. 
it's low & the realization hurts my heart.

"blessed are those who do not fear solitude,
who are not afraid of their own company . . ."
{paulo coehlo}

therein lies my peace . . ♥
and my healing.


thankful for the intoxicating scent of star jasmine
while sipping 1st cup of day liquid life

and nourishment

preparing to stroll with the pooch

time with my beloved . .
a favorite picture of ours,
taken seaside while camping in autumn.

.  .  . 

with love,

p.s. To the "anonymous" person asking if i was the one who organized a sozo victim type group and can she correspond with me .. yes, that's me. please DO email me at andwearpearls @ gmail . com bless you dearly. ♥

p.p.s. to **anonymous** .. concerned i'm seeking sozo therapy for healing... NO! NO WAY! EVER!!! NEVER!!! please see my response to your comment below. thank you ♥


  1. Continuing to pray. Sending a warm hug. It's not the same, but the people whose loved one can't remember them due to alzheimers must sense great loss. The person is there, but doesn't know them. My Dad didn't remember me towards the last of his life. It was sad, but it was.

    Sherry, My heart hurts for you as you have this great betrayal you live with. I am so sorry. Wish it were not so.

    You have the rock to lean on. Praise God.
    Thinking of you,

    1. ♥ i don't know how folks get through this type of thing w/o the strength and love of God. no matter if alzheimers has effected one's memory or grieving the loss of a child still alive.

  2. Sending hugs your way until I can deliver them in person NEXT week! Praying for you today, dear friend.

    1. ♥ 2 more sleeps then you're here!

  3. I am so sorry to learn of new, fresh deception and betrayal. Even when we know the Lord *has our back*, we also know there is no *fair* this side of heaven. Praying for you and for your home to feel the sweet presence of the Lord is a big way. I can't always post here, but I hope you know, you are often in my prayers and always in my heart.

    1. you're a dear lady and i'm so honored to know you (for a long time now!) and humbled by your prayers. ♥

  4. My heart hurts for yours.
    Praying . . .

  5. A big heart hug and a real in person one next month.πŸ’“ Praising God for His perfect comfort and retreat.

    1. He never leaves nor forsakes...
      great is HIS faithfulness ♥
      looking forward to that hug.

  6. That is special that you find pleasure in solitude, Sherry. I do as well, and it's a must that I spend some alone time now and then. I'm so sorry that your heart is hurting. Your Jasmine is so pretty. Do you know that Jasmine is my favorite scent? Love that picture of you and husband holding hands.

    Keep praying and listening, and you will be ok.


    1. thank you sheri.
      alone time has always been key in my life,
      but especially lately. i'm growing and that's
      a good thing. that jasmine...oh my goodness
      what an intoxicating scent! ♥

  7. Oh Sherry! I have missed your posts and now I understand why. Big heart hugs of love, encouragement, and God's continued presence through all . . .


  8. I hope you are not thinking of using SOZO to heal you. It has been proven to be very dangerous. Regression therapy has sometimes planted false memories in a client's mind. Satan, himself masquerades as an angel of light.2 Corinthians 11:14. Of all the therapies I can think of, this is one of the ones I think of as incredibly damaging. And be careful not to get sucked in while trying to help someone else. They will use your love for someone against you. Good Luck.

    1. dearest anonymous ... there is NO way on earth i would EVER use sozo or recommend the wicked false therapy. a form OF this therapy was used on my daughter for 8 months, resulting in false memories and allegations of THE most horrid kind. then rejection and abandonment. rest assured. :: i was responding to an individual who wanted to converse about his experience losing his precious daughter to this type therapy. if YOU would like to converse more (as it seems you know about that terrible thing) please feel free to email me at andwearpearls @ gmail.com ... i'd love to chat with you as well. ♥♥♥

  9. I am sorry to say this so bluntly, but I want your dog. That is the cutest dog I have seen in a long time.

    1. she's a sweetie that's for sure. :)

  10. Thank you for posting about the dangers of sozo. I followed a sidebar pic of your lovely doggy while reading Brenda's blog (Coffee Tea Books or Me). My grown sister is using the sozo counseling and I was concerned about it. I'll go google it to learn more about it :/. God bless you in this journey called life.

    1. oh mary :( if i can help in any way please email me!
      my heart breaks learning of another loved one innocently seeking
      counsel and landing in the clutches of false religion and
      wicked therapy.
      i'm praying for your sister .. gentle hugs your way. ♥

    2. I sent you an email, Sherry <3

    3. i read your email but won't be able to fully respond until later this week.. out of town guests coming in today as well as work at the shop. ♥

  11. Betrayal is one of the most painful emotions to process. I'm so sorry that it continues to show up in your life. Hugs and prayers.

    1. betrayal .. being an on-going happening
      concerning our daughter. just when i think
      the bottom of the barrel has been scraped,
      there's an underground part of the barrel. hmpfh.


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