18 April 2017

my love on his birthday.

last week my hubby was in moab, utah for the easter jeep safari. he did things like this... and yes, that's really his jeep and he's driving it. we no longer own that particular jeep.. we adopted it out and bought a new fangled la-tee-da jeep and named it rocky which is my husband's childhood nickname. very fitting since he (my husband and the jeep) do rocky type stuff. it's also his daily driver to his place of employ. i've gone with him occasionally but it's not exactly my 1st choice. but it's probably why my hair is so white. well, that and the other thing that happened. we're putting together a plan to soon visit the 'lost coast' of california, an area that 4WD is a necessary thing. 
will share when that happens. 
if i survive. wink.

well anyway .. yesterday the 17th was my love's birthday. dry humor funny guy. quiet. unassuming. kind. gentle. adventurous. perfectly imperfect. towering giant of a man. my knight. he's the best man i've ever known. and i love him without measure and thank God over and again for blessing me with this good man. 

he wanted tacos for his birthday dinner.
his request was my command.

so i bought a roast and cut it into chunks. after slathering on a mix of dry seasoning (chili, cumin, garlic, pepper etc) i put it into the crock pot with a half cup of water, set it to low, and in 6 hours it was ready to shred. yUm.

about a half hour before dinner i chopped up a red onion, garlic cloves (whole), and bell peppers (red, yellow, orange). spooning about a third cup of the beef stock from the crock pot i mixed it up good and slid the pan into a 425 oven for about 20 minutes. 

this is my taco. lots of cilantro cuz i like the stuff. i could have a cilantro salad if  you let me. i used street size flour tortillas .. a little beef, peppers and onions, cilantro!, avocado, sour cream. and hot salsa..yUm. so good. the hubs enjoyed his meal 
and that made me happy that he was happy.

a few weeks back a friend shared a muffin recipe that is smartpoint (ww) friendly so i made a batch with great results and mmm's. chocolate cake mix and a 15 ounce can of pumpkin. makes 12 muffins. 3 smartpoints each peoples. yUm. i froze the batch and yesterday defrosted 3 muffins to make a birthday dessert for the hubs. 
he loves chocolate so i used the muffins to make trifles.

:: muffin recipe ::

1 box cake mix of your choice 
but chocolate or spice work really well.
1 can (15oz) of pumpkin

mix together well and spray a
12 section muffin pan with
'pam' then fill each section

375 until done .. about 15-20 minutes
depending on your oven

cool and remove. 

:: trifle recipe ::

i chopped up 3 muffins to make 4 trifles.
2 individual servings of sugar free pudding
already made (they come in packs of 4 servings).
1 container sugar free whipped topping.
2 ww smartpoint chocolate treats.. chopped.

fold whipped topping 
(putting 1/2 cup to the side)
into the pudding. 
divide the chopped muffins into 8 parts.
drop 4 parts into 4 glasses of your choice.
top with pudding mixture.
drop 4 more parts on top of that.
top with pudding mixture.
top with a dollop of whipped topping.
and top that with a few pieces of 
ww smartpoint treat.

no candle but i did sing happy birthday to my guy.

and then he ate the trifle. and i ate half of mine.. nearly sugar free and ww friendly but oh so rich anyway. there are 2 more in the fridge so he's a happy guy. 

after dinner was cleaned up we took the pooch for a walk .. went a new route with new smells and her sniffer was busy and she loved it. once home we got into jammies and the hubs put in his movie of choice: a jeep film he made from a trip he was on . . one of his favorites from the northern california sierra nearby. beautiful scenery, plenty of bouncing, and leaning of the jeep to a point that i thought he'd tip over but he didn't. he was on that trip with a brother - greg. greg has his own jeep he named colonel mustard. these guys have fun. wish we lived closer together so the guys can do more 4-wheeling and us gals can do more gal type things with the occasional 4-wheeling excursion in the mix. maybe some day. retirement will provide more opportunity to get together.. but the hubs isn't to that point just yet. soon though. wink.


Deanna Rabe said...

Happy Birthday to your man!

Those tacos! Oh my! Yummy! That's my kind of food, and dessert! Very little sugar works for me! Will you share the recipe?

Red Rose Alley said...

wow, that is an amazing thing to do, Sherry, and an awesome picture! So glad your husband had a nice birthday, and the meal looks Yummy. I make tacos the same way, with everything but the bell peppers, and I use chicken. : )

I'm really curious about the "lost coast" now in California. Will have to look it up.

Fun times for your husband in Utah, and much adventure on the jeep safari.


Sherry said...

i shared the mini trifle recipe in the post just now, deanna. :) a sugar free cake mix can be used! and those tacos! oh my. so so good. i'll make 'em for you when you visit, k? ♥

Sherry said...

looking forward to our lost coast trip ..
and eating another taco tonight! ♥

Anonymous said...

You make the most beautiful food!

the uncommon pearl said...

Yum,happy birthday to Rocky,and I'm a lover of cilantro too. ☺

Sherry said...

if it's not purty i don't want to eat it. wink.

Sherry said...

cilantro lovers unite!
pinky press (instead of a fist bump)..

Adrienne said...

I'm with you on the cilantro, dear friend. Bring it on. Would you be so kind to share the mini muffins on our FB page. I'd like to make some one of these days. Won't be baking in my trailer as long as we're in desert country! Oh my, those taking tacos! I believe I'll follow your lead and do some soon.

Sherry said...

sure thing, chickie ♥

Rue said...

Hi sweet Sherry :)

I leave you alone for what seems like a couple of days, because you weren't posting and BOOM there's posts everywhere lol So glad to see you back.

Happy belated Birthday to your dear husband. He sounds like the best husband ever and I'm sure he is, because you love him so much :) Those tacos and trifles... oh my!!

I hope you had a lovely Easter, my friend.

love to you,

Cheryl said...

Awww . . . the happiest of birthdays to your hubby! (Oh, I am a little late. Well, how about a happy birthday week . . . or month?!) You treated him good with that yummy and colorful meal.

And now I am going to pretend that I didn't see that jeep picture.


Sherry said...

i'm finding the one post a week is going to be best for me .. though two may happen to my own surprise. thank you rue .. you're a sweetie. and the hubs? the perfect-imperfect-bestForMe-guy ever. our easter was quiet .. just the 2 of us.

Sherry said...

i get the heebie jeebies every time i see that picture. in our upcoming jeep trip there won't (to my knowledge anyway!!) be boulders to climb. thankfully. but i'm sure he'll be challenged with something equally frightening, if only to me. wink. my birthday is on shakespear's birthday...i read where you're doing a little shakspearean reading soon. ♥

Michelle said...

That pic is giving me white hair just looking at it! 😶 Happy birthday to your Hunny! Sounds like a good day. I love cilantro too. Mmm...

Sherry said...

thank you Michelle :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your lovedumplin sugerpie!!!~ tammy

Deanna said...

OH Sherry! That's too much excitement for me old self. WOWZER! I cannot even imagine the ride. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweetheart. The tacos made me hungry.
All the best and God bless,