24 April 2017

party for 2.

yesterday a smallish party happened
to commemorate a day in my life.
the 25th anniversary of my 34th year.
you do the math cuz it scares me.

i worked at the antique shop until 4:30 then
headed home to enjoy a nice dinner of my choice. 
the hubs offered to take me anywhere i wanted 
to go for dinner. . . . . i chose home.
& i chose wild-caught salmon and broccoli and dessert.

so while the hubs got the grill ready
{the planks were set to go after a long soak}
i slathered some spicy stuff on the salmon,
then cut up the broccoli and got the water boiling. 
{3 minutes in boiling water & it's perfectly done}

the hubs tended the grill and i tended the broccoli.
quick work and a delish dinner for the two of us.

a homemade card from the heart ..
one i can color in with my pretty pencils.

i'm his heart .. and he's mine

flowers for his flower ..
part store bought and part from our very own garden

rose leaves .. beauty 

two desserts .. bought two individual servings the night before:
carrot cheesecake & tiramisu
we shared.
no picture.

the end.


Patti said...

Happy birthday, Sherry!! The celebration you and your husband had sounds lovely. What a sweet relationship y'all have.


Dorothy Langlois said...

Happy happy happy birthday Sherry 🌸🌺🌻 Sounds like a most delightful evening sharing love with that hubs of yours. Aren't we blessed to have such precious husbands!!!
💌 Hugs and blessings,

Red Rose Alley said...

Happy Birthday, Sherry. It sounds like the perfect dinner for two. Haven't had tiramisu in a long time. : )


the uncommon pearl said...

A happy birthday hug awaits...for reals! Dinner sounded delish, and homemade cards are the best. What a gift that man is of yours.

GrammaGrits said...

Belated happy birthday! Beautiful flowers, yummy food and sweet card!

Anonymous said...

Happy BiRtHdAy Dear Lady!!!! ~tammy

Sherry said...

thank you patti :)
he's a sweetheart .. i'm blessed.

Sherry said...

thanks so much, dorothy.
so good to 'see' you.

Sherry said...

thanks sheri ♥
bought the desserts at nugget market.

Sherry said...

looking SO forward to that hug.
and on such a special day ♥♥♥
be seeing ya real soon!

Sherry said...

thank you so much.
simple is especially loved (for me).

Sherry said...

thank you, dear tammy! ♥

Deanna Rabe said...

Happiest of birthdays to you, my friend! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!

Dear card, and gorgeous flowers!

Sherry said...

thank you dear friend ♥

TuscanLady said...

It seems you had an awesome celebration of your birth with your sweetie!!! Happy birthday (again) :)

Deanna said...

Sherry, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Looks like you had a pleasant one. All the best you young thang you. You're still on this side of 60. When I turned 59, 60 was on my mind a great deal. Now I'm heading toward 62. The time gets away. Broccoli has become one of my favorite veggies. Lately we have had hollandaise sauce on it.
Each day a miracle,

Sherry said...

being with him is my favorite place *to* be, Deb.
thank you for the 'again' birthday wishes. ♥

Sherry said...

not feeling so much like a young thang right now, deanna. worked at the shop yesterday and we had a paint delivery. 775 pounds of annie sloan chalk paint. hoisted it (in increments) up the stairs and onto the table. organized, labeled, tagged. last night my hands were screaming and this morning i'm moving a little slower. extended hot shower in the plan. this gettin' older thing isn't exactly a favorite. ;)

Tarnished Royalty said...

Happy belated birthday, my friend! The card from your husband is just so sweet. Always love it when mine does a handmade card + drawings. Here's to a year filled with joy, peace and wonderful surprises.

Sherry said...

thank you, ann. hoping my last year before the 6 decades mark will be filled with serendipity. ♥

Michelle said...

Happy, happy birthday dear friend! ♡♡♡

Adrienne said...

Loved sharing your special day here. Wow! That salmon looks absolutely delightful! Seasonings?