25 April 2017

the courtyard the moon the food.

as i choose and upload pictures for this current post, there are two scents vying for attention .. one, the faint reminder of star jasmine. and two, the early morning prep of seasoned taco meat for taco tuesday dinner and leftover wednesday. i'm smack in the middle of both as my desk is near the open door to the jasmine, and equidistant to the aroma of what's in that pan.. and i'm smitten by both. 
the smells are good. very good. 
and i have to wonder if the hubs would notice a smidge of the taco meat gone if i stuff it into a tortilla along with scrambled egg whites 
for breakfast. i might risk it. wink.
yes .. indeed i will!

the other day i snapped this shot of the courtyard area in our backyard. 
sunny and bright with a gorgeous overgrowth the hubs had not yet tended. i point. he plants. he's the plant whisperer. 

that star jasmine... ♥

early morning recent shot of the moon 
and a trio of feathered friends..

patio .. post sprinklers. 
looking forward to dinners at that table
this spring and summer. my mother is flying
up soon .. staying with us for a week.
i dare predict much time will be spent at that very location.

a waterfall of sorts .. angel vine.
for my mother's birthday some years back
the sisters (all 431 of us) and mom spent the weekend together
in a beach side military base rental. we visited a 
special plant nursery .. i bought a small angel vine
and eventually {the hubs} dug a hole and stuck it in
there to grow. and grow it did! covering a large area of
the pretty brick wall in our courtyard.

spring time clouds .. 

and a food picture .. yUm.
enchilada casserole
light on the tortillas
heavy on the yUmmy stuffs.
a healthy serving within my smartypantspoints allotment.

hoping your day offers unexpected delight
for through Him we have our very being.........


"Faith is trusting God even when you don't know His plan."

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TuscanLady said...

I have always liked your backyard ... such a sanctuary! I love the Angel Vine.

Anonymous said...

More beautiful food(and plants). Made your tacos last night YUM:) Wish we were sitting outside, smelling that perfume,but alas we are only 50 degrees with rain..and instead smelling a fish dissection for Bioloy. Whew:{ sally

Deanna said...

Greetings from Kansas. I love the pic of the lady crawling over the fence. grins.
The Enchilada Casserole looks absolutely delicious. We ate at a small restaurant today and ate enchiladas. Sooooo good.

Sherry said...

thanks, friend. :)
yours looks like a slice of italy... ♥

Sherry said...

fish dissection... oh wow. i remember those days well. wink.
we're having tacos for leftovers tonight. sometimes i carry over my illinois childhood and put ketchup on my tacos. call me weird, but i still love it. ;)

Sherry said...

sometimes i *feel* like that lady scaling the wall!
the ench-casserole was super yummy. there's a good size
piece wrapped up and in the freezer for a later shared
meal with the hubs. add a salad and you're done.

glad you enjoyed your enchiladas today. verde or red sauce?

Cheryl said...

Many delights there in your world . . . all gifts from our Father! I think I could live right there on your patio. Sipping coffee, chatting, smelling the jasmine, admiring your husband's garden. (Please tell me that it's never humid and the temp doesn't rise above 70 degrees. Because if it does, I'll have to go inside.)

Anonymous said...

Illinois eh, me too, but no ketchup! sally

Sherry said...

you would be welcome on my patio and in my home dear cheryl. ♥ it's not humid like in the midwest, south, and east. no. but it does get mighty hot in summer and sometimes boasts 50% or a tad higher on the humidity measure. 110 is not unheard of. ugh! 56 is my favorite temperature.

Sherry said...

north eastern illinois. the little corner .. winthrop harbor.

Anonymous said...

Highland Park(Ravinia really). A mile from the lake. Used to walk or bike to the lake in the summer and enjoy the beach. No beach there now. I still LOVE to go to Chicago and walk and look. Was just there last year for a sister time. sally

Tarnished Royalty said...

You certainly have a way of painting a picture with your words. Makes me feel like I'm right there with you smelling the fragrance and taking in the sights. "I point. He plants." Haha! Sounds familiar. That last picture reminds me of something...

Deanna Rabe said...

Wow that enchilada casserole looks super! I think its perfect with salad on the side! YUMMO!

Your garden looks delightful. Can't wait to see it in person. ;)

Sherry said...

that last picture was very timely .. thinking on the post you posted recently. ahem. wink.

Sherry said...

the "hade's" type heat in mid summer may cause the yards to look a bit different than you see in the pictures. summer brings about its own form of plant tending. morning and evening watering and sometimes afternoon. . . but i'm looking SO forward to sharing our home with you and yours come summer. no matter what the gardens will look like! ♥

Burlap Luxe said...

Enjoy your mothers visit, all the fine eating, the garden setting and the moon.
Your meal looks great, pass the sour cream and guawk please, (fork in hand)
Your garden shows off the beautiful care and sowing your seeds into the lush beauty that only effort can achieve.

A beautiful visit here with you.
A blessed family visit.
See you soon dear.


Tarnished Royalty said...

Yes wink. ๐Ÿ’š

Dorothy Langlois said...

Isn't a beautiful relaxing backyard the most delightful thing? Had to laugh at your catsup on tacos. When my little niece and her hubby come for tacos she always hits the fridge and brings out the catsup. Me, I am more the Pace type :-)

Michelle said...

That jasmine is beautiful! ๐Ÿ˜ & that casserole is making my tumtum rubble. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Adrienne said...

I'm remembering the scent of the star jasmine in your yard on our recent visit! And the sights of your courtyard and beyond. Would love to know your 'secret' for the smartypantspoints enchilada casserole. Might need to make it myself!

Sherry said...

sour cream and guac .. for sure!
i so appreciate my husband's efforts
in keeping things pretty outside. :)
mom arrives saturday after work.
after we gather her and her gazillion
suitcases at the airport, off we go
to the habit burger.

Sherry said...

i ♥ hot salsa .. but i like it with tortilla chips
or on all other mexican food except ground beef tacos.
for my ground beef tacos (that are heavily infused
with spices) it's catsup all the way. glad to hear
someone else likes that quirkiness too.

Sherry said...

no more jasmine scent (sniff..).
that casserole was so good. i have a good size
piece in the freezer for the right time when
i wonder what to fix for dinner. the hubs
will be thrilled.

Sherry said...

i scratched out the general recipe and smartpoints values .. need to find that piece of paper! it's probably with my dog's grooming scissors which have found a new home somewhere w/in our home. hmpfh.