16 May 2017

a week with mom ♥

a little bit of nearly everything was 
enjoyed with mom by my side..
from thrifting to puttering to browsing
the plant nursery and bringing a selection
or seven home to put in the ground, 
to consuming good groceries, out to a new to us eatery,
marathon watching of that British Baking Show,
mcDonald's for ice cream, resting,
lazy mornings, napping, 
afternoon coffee alongside a ww approved
chocolate treat, and one particular night
i brought home a selection of pastries
for the 3 of us (mom/me/hubs) to partake,
critique, and indulge, as if we were the judges
of a local patisserie! as if! yUm.

i loved time with mom.
i both love and admire this woman.
she's a treasure to my heart 

mom .. me .. evelyn the precious pooch

my mom loves this plant in all its gargantuan glory


unexpected sweet blooms from a dear 
young lady i've known a long while..

perfect on the side of my sink..
makes the domestic necessity
of washing dishes worthwhile
with this lovely view.

roast chicken .. & new potatoes, tri-colored carrots, onions, green beans ..
with a flavorful auJus, infused with herbs, drizzled over all.

& a fuzzy picture to call it a day.


much going on just now..
my father has taken a terrible couple of falls
and is in the hospital. a necessary visit to the
orlando area will be planned for the not too
distant future .. perhaps sooner than anticipated.
would appreciate prayer. 


  1. How nice you got to spend time with your mom, Sherry. This is a sweet picture of the two of you. So sorry your dad took a fall, and will say a prayer. Those red flowers are gorgeous. I always have to stop for red flowers. : )


    1. red flowers .. my mother gasped when she saw the plant. :) thank you for your kindness in praying for my father. ♥

  2. So happy that you were able to spend such sweet, precious time with your Mama. You both look lovely. I will be praying for travel mercies and provision as you plan your trip back east to see your Dad. Blessings!

    1. trip is on hold .. for now.
      one sister and probably one of the others
      is on their way to assess the situation
      and most likely be granted power of attorney.
      thank you for praying, Deborah. ♥

  3. I don't have a Mom, she died twenty years ago. Thank you for sharing your special time. I just envisioned what a day with her would be like. Maybe, a little like yours.

    1. {{{{{ ♥ }}}}}
      mother's day must be hard for you, Sharon.
      sending gentle hugs.

  4. Two beautiful ladies! And sweet Evie!

    Glad you had such a good time together - the flowers are gorgeous!

    I'll be praying for your dad. Its hard when they are so far away.

    1. evie makes everyone look good just by
      her being her. she's a natural blonde. ;)

  5. Oh dear, I will be praying for your father and for safe travels. I'm so happy for this time you have had with your Mama, it sounds perfect and enjoyed in every way!!! As it should be.
    We like watching the British baking show too and have brought home pastries to judge, you should hear Anna when she is talking in her British accent, it's a hoot! xo

    1. oh golly we didn't use our british accents
      while judging the desserts. must have been
      to preoccupied with shoveling the mess into
      our mouths. wink. thank you for praying ♥

  6. AWESOME geranium!!!! awesome.
    Nice picture of you with your mom and fur baby.
    All the best,

    1. nature's glory, that purtiness. wink.

  7. I love that you were able to spend such restful and restorative time with your beautiful mother! Now I will be praying for your father . . .

    1. thank you a gazillion times over, cheryl. ♥♥♥

  8. You look lovely!!! Prayers for your dad.

    1. you're sweet, elizabeth.
      and thank you for praying.. his name is Jim.

  9. What fantastic pictures!!! You ladies look gorgeous and the flowers so pretty. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. I will pray. They are so tenderly fragile in so many ways and need such loving care. Big hug❤

    1. my father (jim) has been falling quite a bit
      as he doesn't have full use of his legs
      especially now. poor guy. this is such a
      humbling, frustrating, horrid place he finds himself.
      thank you for praying ♥

  10. Gorgeous geranium. Fresh flowers in a white pitcher is perfection. Spending time with our mothers builds wonderful memories. My mother passed in 1988. I still miss her, but what wonderful memories I have of her visits when we did a lot of the things you did with your mom. Simple pleasures are the best. Hugs. P.S. your food photo is making me very hungry. Time for breakfast!

    1. geranium! ..been wracking my noggin trying to
      think of the name. wink. so thank you. :)
      the memories are dear of your mother, i'm sure.
      what's your favorite? the first that pops into
      your noggin?

  11. Your visit sounds absolutely divine. And that photo of you and your mom---gorgeous. You both are such pretty gals!

    Love all the beautiful flowers. What a sweet gift.

    So sorry to hear about your dad's fall. Praying for him right now.


    1. thank you for praying .. his name's jim.
      he's being discharged tomorrow and will be
      entering an assisted living situation. my
      eldest sister is there now stepping through
      the process of power of attorney. such a

      those happy flowers .. still smiling over the
      unexpected gift.

  12. Yes, it's been quite a while...a week with Mom indeed. I look forward "sometime" this year to one of those with my daughter We too have so much fun together. Nothing like it, right? But none of us need any of those FALLS you refer to- I pray for no more surprises except good ones for you. I cannot quite get back into the writing thing for my blog but This Too Shall Pass."

  13. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your days with your sweet mom. Cherish every day with her - they go too fast!

  14. I am sorry to hear about your dad! I am so thankful you got to have a visit with your mom. It sounds like a wonderful time!! I to love soft ice cream cones out McD's but also beloved Chick-fil-A. This is something we do with my mom and 90yo grandma on our visits with them everytime. I smiled when i read that about your visit!! ~tammy

  15. You and your mom are so cute. Sounds like a perfect amount of shopping, eating and resting. Praying for your dad.


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