02 May 2017

feels like monday.

but it's tuesday.

evelyn the precious pooch celebrated her 12th birthday
yesterday. we commemorated the milestone 
with an extra stroll and extra cookies.
so thankful for this wonderful comfort dog. 

and while these critters do serious damage to the garden,
you can't mistake the beauty. even these were thoughtfully created.
amazingly this one didn't damage the flower. rather, used
it as the long way around. glad i snapped this shot.

i got new specs for my blind as a bat eye balls.

grilled chicken last night . . alongside baked beans
and a huge salad. delish. tonight is leftovers.

when i get my act together i'll share pics and a video portion
of our recent trip to the 'lost coast' of northern california.
our 5 day trip ended up being a 2 day trip
due to elements out of our control.
land slide. sigh. for reals.

how 'bout you?


Adrienne said...

Happy birthday hugs to Miss Evelyn! Love the new specs and can't wait to see about your abbreviated trip to the coast.

Red Rose Alley said...

Happy Birthday Evelyn! She's such a sweet dog, Sherry. What a cool picture of the snail, love that. Enjoy your new glasses. : )

Happy May!


Deanna Rabe said...

Happy Birthday, Evie! Such a beauty!

I like your glasses! Isn't it nice to see well? :)

Sherry said...

evelyn's a sweet fur girlie ♥

Sherry said...

i'll let her know you wish her happy birthday ;)

Sherry said...

i love being able to see.
most of the time. ;)

Dorothy Langlois said...

I love how you make joy for all those you come into contact with. Sure Evie enjoyed the extra cookies and strolls :-) Interesting glasses - you look like one hip lady.
Hugs from Arizona,

Sherry said...

not so sure i always make joy for others .. i can sure be a grouch-muffin (term coined by my lost daughter when she was a little girl) at times. wink.

and those glasses? i ♥ them .. big step for me to get out of my comfort zone. my eyeball Rx is quite thick and these are almost like wearing rimless frames. they are for sure my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday celebration for miss Evelyn sweetie-pie! ♡

LOVE the specs!

-Michele N.

Sherry said...

i think she liked it .. she likes anything when we're together and giving her lovies. oh! we took her to the big park to people watch and take a good stroll. she was super happy and i got mosquito bites.

Anonymous said...

What a good dog-mommy you are! ♡

-Michele N.

Deanna said...

Sherry, Your eyes are smiling! I hope when I get my new glasses my eyes will smile. Shopping for eye glasses and I don't get along. Too many bad experiences.

Your fur baby is a blessing! Glad you have her to talk to and hug.

Sherry said...

the morning of my birthday i was ready for my work day at the antique shop and the hubs asked to take a picture of me. it's rare i'm in any pictures. not a fan. just not a fan. so he took a pic... it was more than just of my smiling eyes and new eyeball framers (i cropped for the post). finding the right frames is a chore sometimes. i was big time surprised and pleased with these frames .. bought online w/o me trying on first. a stretch and a gamble. but worth it and quite inexpensive! $85!

Carissa Anne said...

Got to love the fur-babies!!!!! Happy Birthday Miss Evelyn!!! And that shot of that snail/slug?? oh my how beautiful!! I showed the kids!! xo

Sherry said...

the flower lives!!! such a sweet slug for not slaying it.. ;)

Tarnished Royalty said...

A very belated happy birthday to Evelyn! Love your new glasses and your smiling baby blues. 💙