13 June 2017

a week away..

a couple weeks back the hubs and i flew to Albuquerque to attend a wedding .. the precious daughter of dear friends 
{the Mrs has a blog i follow
was marrying her special man. 
truly a heaven-sent match .. 
we've known the bride since before she was born. in fact, we've known the bride's parents for 26 years. the birth of their sweet little one was icing on the cake twenty some odd years ago.

the weather was perfect and the setting breathtakingly beautiful ..

every element of this day was planned and carried through with precision .. and filled to overflowing with meaning and significance. wish you could all have been there .. but crashing weddings isn't advised among polite company.

i don't have permission (nor did i ask..) to share a picture of the lovely couple on their special day, but us old folks took a few selfies i'll share. wink.

my friend claudia had the grand idea to grab a stack of chocolate bars .. thus stealing them for a few moments of picture taking. so we did. cuz we're daring that way. and it was silly fun. and we put them back neat and tidy because we're thoughtful that way. 

then the hubs took this selfie .. 
i don't think we'll be invited back. double wink.
our friends are probably questioning their original invitation at this point. poor dears. 
they have good 's and don't deserve this abuse.
but ...
back to the selfie..
i think we're using our bifocals to figure out if the phone thingy took the picture. glamorous. claudia's the only normal one .. though normal is merely a setting on one's hair dryer.

it was fun to dress up and stay out a bit later than usual. at home we're in bed by 8:30 or 9:00 tops .. to read, and then lights out. the night of the wedding? 11:30!!! we're not 25 anymore, Alice.. come morning, coffee never tasted so good.

rather than staying in a hotel, we rented an adobe home in the countryside, built in 1930.. here's a peek at the living room. 

the house has a large kitchen, dining, office, bedroom, den, and bathroom. such a treat, though the price was less than what we would have spent on a hotel room. my favorite room was the living room. the chair and ottoman on the far side is where my morning liquid life was consumed.

lovely home.
lovely people.
lovely wedding.
lovely life.


  1. Yes, lovely indeed....and loved meeting you!
    ~the pink hat lady :)

  2. Love it!

    I'm glad you and the Hubs are a bit crazy, cause we are too! Be prepared! ha ha!

    You look beautiful, and that house you stayed in looks amazing!

    1. looking *so* forward to you and yours coming to NorCal!

  3. So, that's where my chocolate bar went! Just kidding😉. It was purely our our honor and delight to have you all share in this most special day.We love you dearly and must not let so much time pass before we get together again. ❤

    1. how wonderful to simply pick up where we left off, so to speak. we loved time with you and truly the honor was ours to witness such a blessed event. ♥ you all.

  4. PS: The home you stayed in looked lovely. This room looks to be one out of a magazine. So glad it was comfy for you both.

    1. comfy indeed. my amazon husband was especially comfy in the living room which boasted 15 ft ceilings. :)

  5. Thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad you guys had fun. It meant so much to us that you would travel to see us wed. And there weren't many chocolate bars left... The last two are in the process of being devoured by us. ;)

    1. enjoy sweet sadie sadie married lady!!!!! ♥♥

  6. These are cute pics of you and your friend, Sherry. The wedding sounds very nice. And what a beautiful day it was, the weather looks just right. Love the face expression on your husband also. It's fun to be silly once in awhile. : )


    1. we did have a wonderful visit and time at the wedding..
      i'm thankful for good friends, a bit silliness sneaking
      out now and again, and pink lippystick. ♥

  7. Praise God for a wonderful time of celebration!! So good to see you're beautiful face and hear of your fun time!!! ps. howz your dad? ~tammy

    1. you're a sweetie, tammy.
      dad is still in the rehabilitation facility. his daughters (of which i'm but one of 4,321 of 'em, or so it seems..wink) are figuring things out for his future care most likely either in california or washington state. flying there next week to see him myself.. thank you for asking about him..and for praying. {{{hug}}}

  8. Breathtakingly beautiful setting, indeed. Love the selfies. Hugs.

  9. What fun you had! Love the home where you stayed. I'm reading your blog on my phone whilst sitting in traffic caused by an accident on the bridge to our dear son's home where a graduation party is being held for our oldest grandson!�� Great pastime!


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