12 June 2017

baby hawk.

a baby hawk attempted a solo flight and found its way to our back yard from the nest high up in the trees. the scared little thing needed to be protected from evelyn the not-always-sweet-pooch so i carefully gathered it up in a little towel and the hubs placed it in a pot on top of the brick wall .. in hopes the mommy hawk would help it back home. i read online that baby hawks do this frequently and that they do indeed find their way back home with the help of the parent bird. hoping that's the case ... 


  1. I, too, hope that is the case. How can a baby hawk be SO cute?!

  2. How sweet. It does look scared. Hopefully by now it's safe and sound in the family nest.

  3. aaahhh, what a sweet little bird, Sherry. So good of you to take care of it in this way. This is a great picture of the baby hawk.

    Enjoy the summer days that are coming (although we've had some rain and breezy days too). ; )


    ps please keep us updated on the hawk.

  4. What a beautiful bird!!! How precious you got to be a part of its rescue!! ~tammy

  5. Hope mom found him. Good of you to help out.


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