16 June 2017

the chili relleno twist..

and so, while in Albuquerque the hubs and i sought out the best chili relleno and chicken enchiladas in town. every day we had lunch in a different local restaurant .. he had the enchiladas and i had the rellenos. we found our favorites, mine: if you count one restaurant as having the best red sauce, another the best actual relleno, and yet a third the best salsa .. the salsa: the best was a smokey sweet entrance to the tongue then wait a few seconds for the fire! my eyes were tearing and nose running. awesome stuff. kept going back for more. 

... and sometimes putting peppers (italian and bell) to the flame and filling them with cooked ground chicken, onions, seasonings..in a baking dish drenched with enchilada sauce and topped with cheese then baked at 375 until bubbly ... makes for a fine twist on chili rellenos minus the egg and deep frying. each was about 7 ww smartypants points and no i can't remember the recipe because i figured out the ingredients and points then forgot the details. my apologies..............


  1. Well, you are a smarty pants to quickly roast those peppers on the stovetop. I just learned something!

    1. been doing that for eons!
      pretty yummy. hugs.


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