05 July 2017

hello. grab a cuppa.

my name is sherry .. 'member me?
i'm a neglectful blogger.
but i've been busy.
and not busy.
and sometimes
without words
or unable to formulate
words to create a sentence
much less a paragraph.
regardless, i'm here today.
we'll see about the morrow. 
wink. for now i'll simply share
this post as if you're across the table
and we're sipping strong coffee
while enjoying the morning cool.
the dog is laying on my feet.
the hubs is at work. 
i have whites to wash
and yet here i am...

spent a week in florida where ...
i'm sorry ... but where the temps
and humidity were of a range
most unpleasant! i don't know how
you floridians do it. seriously. 
back home our temps were 110
but it's a much drier heat. and even
though i despise heat i can somehow
handle it a bit better than the florida 
experience of late. but. it was a worthy
trip .. a  necessary trip. working on dad's
house while he's in skilled nursing after
a series of falls .. the last fall at home
he was flipping his mattress. at 88 years old.
3 years ago he decided not to climb onto
the roof in the future. ya think?! oy!
oh. my. goodness.

here's that guy right here.
eating coconut cream pie from
a plastic container .. looking up only
briefly to acknowledge our existence
before delving back in to the sweet.
when food happens .. you are invisible.
cracks me up. he's cute.

plenty of tests, occupational and physical therapies, 
rest, visits from family etc .. 
and the plan to bring him west to live,
are all in the continued works.
these things take time.
red tape takes time.
bureaucracy bites into time.

big daddy and his youngest of 431 daughters.
that would be me. know the best thing about florida humidity? it's great for dry skin.

this is jasmine, dad's cna. 
.. also known as "left hook."
left hook - floyd mayweather fame
dad calls her 'left hook' because she's so strong and every morning tells him to 'grab my arm' and easily lifts him up and tends to his practical and personal needs. she's a delight and a beauty, inside and out. so thankful she cares for dad.

this beautiful lady is my aunt and dad's youngest sister, janet. janet is a happy soul and so encouraging .. and a hard worker!
her husband, known as UncAl, says she's a dandy.
and she is! she's only 10 years older than me .. more like a sister than an aunt. 

dad's house is taking shape quite nicely. my sister sandy has been in florida since dad went into the hospital .. she's been acting as contractor as well as seeing to fixing and transforming much of the home herself. she visits our dad most every day 
and i know he looks forward to her company.

my niece sarah joined us as well but became ill a few days into our time in florida. poor thing. all four of us (janet, sandy, sarah, myself) worked hard and fast dealing with belongings and 'stuff' .. then in the afternoon we'd drive to the nursing home then go for dinner then back to the hotel to watch fixer upper or some other show like that then sleep then up and do it all over again. this was not a pleasure cruise .. but pleasure was found with whom we kept company. thankful.

i came home to this guy .. my love.
this sweet man took a week off work
to care for our pooch in my absence.
our pooch sitters were otherwise 
spoken for that week so the hubs
chose to bless me by blessing our dog.

he loves me.

it was SO good to fall into his embrace once more and get back to normalcy .. if there is such a thing. erma bombeck said, 
"normal is a setting on your hair dryer." 

the pooch is over the moon
with me being home again .. 
and she doesn't leave my side. 
she's such a love ..

had ribs and baked beans for the 4th.

and a mixed salad & homemade croutons

and i'm looking forward to eating
our one almost perfectly ripe tomato!

.     .     .     .     .

there's more. much more to share.
tomorrow's another day .. 
whenever tomorrow happens.


p.s. . . downsizing my father's belongings has put my own desire to downsize to a capsule home and life on the front burner. 
i've already pegged things to GO and soon!


Deanna Rabe said...

What a wonderful blessing you sisters are to your dad! His house is cute! It should sell easily. Floridians go from the a/c in the house to the a/c in the car, to the a/c everywhere else in the summer. I know - I lived there nearly two years. Never again, say I. My friend who lives there says they just stay inside during the summer and enjoy the outdoors the rest of the year.

I hear you about the downsizing. I've already done it with my wardrobe and some house things. I continue to sort and purge. We'll not likely downsize the house anytime soon, as I think my parents will end up here with us. Then we'll end up in the granny suite and one of our kids can own the house and property!

Looking forward to loving on Evelyn, soon.

Red Rose Alley said...

I'm so glad you got to spend time with your dad, Sherry. I bet he was thrilled to have you visit for a week. Bless the caretakers like Jasmine, who give greatly asking for little in return. Your dad's house looks charming, and how nice of you and your sister to take care of it during this time.

I hope you had a nice fourth of July. I made hot dogs and baked beans too, and watched some fireworks. I've always wanted to visit Florida. I've heard about the humidity there. I bet it was good to be back home.

Happy July days.

love, ~Sheri

GrammaGrits said...

So good to have you back - missed your posts!

Deanna said...

Hi Sheri. Enjoyed your post. Welcome home.
God bless,

Adrienne said...

I do remember you! And I'm glad you're back. I missed you bunches. So glad things went well with your father and that he will be coming west soon. Loved seeing your dear hubby and hearing of his care for Miss Evie. What a deal!

Sherry said...

so you'll be in the "dawdi haus"..? not sure of spelling. :) it's amazing how much legwork, paperwork, jumping through hoops, flips and dips, and even more, it takes to get daddy out west. gracious! ... and oh hey - does that bracelet look familiar? hugs.

Sherry said...

evelyn awaits your attention and lovies. ♥

Sherry said...

i love home. nuff said.
but it WAS wonderful visiting dad and tending
to things that count in preparing his home for sale.
our 4th was spent home and cradling and holding
the pooch ... due to the fireworks. bless her heart.
were you able to *go* and see fireworks or did you
have a front porch view so to speak?
... gonna heat up in our parts again. 105 on friday.
hope your a/c is working!

Sherry said...

thank you, sweet friend ♥
now i need to squirrel away time to visit you and
others, reading what i've missed for eons on end.

the uncommon pearl said...

These are such precious times, for sure. I'm so glad your Dad will be moving closer. They are so fragile and need our loving help more during this time. You daughters are the best.

Looks like we will be coordinating details for an estate sale to help my in-laws downsize their local home and sell it. We've been wanting them to do this for years! Hoping we can work out details as we visit them this weekend.
Absolutely, love the robin's egg blue door! Enjoy your tomato :) Love and hugs

H*Peans said...

great post.

Sherry said...

thank you, deanna.
will be hopping over to your blog
during lunch to see what you've been
up to. :)

Sherry said...

hoping the red tape issues will figure themselves
out so he can get out here soon! thank you for
praying .. i know you were praying. ♥

Sherry said...

estate sale. ooohhhhh dear me it's such a good thing i'm in a downsizing phase of life myself and don't live where your hub's folks live. truly. the temptation is always current when i see an estate sale sign. eeps!

big hugs ... you have a huge job ahead of you. love you.. praying.

Sherry said...

thank you for visiting this little mess of a blog. :)

Anonymous said...

SO good to hear from you again!!!! Love the pics of your dad!! Time is a gift!! His house looks adorable!!! I think you are right about capsule living!! In my mind it is more intentional and more relational. More focused on the stuff that matters most. Glad you are now home safely with your man and precious pooch!!! <3 ~tammy

Cheryl said...

Sherry, your true friends will always wait for you. (And loving husbands and faithful furry friends.)

Oh my, but you have been busy with some very big things! It can be challenging to help aging parents . . . knowing what the boundaries are, what the expectations are, and what are the right things to do and the right time to do them. Difficult waters to navigate. May you know the Lord's grace and wisdom as you navigate!

Sherry said...

i'm in FULL agreement, tammy.
**intentional & relational**
you are one very wise woman. hugs.

Sherry said...

i treasure your words and hold them close to my
heart at this very time, cheryl. thank you.
dad's westward journey has been put on hold due
to a potentially serious health concern. ♥

Rue said...

No wonder you've been MIA! You've got a lot on your plate, but I'm glad you have such wonderful friends and family in your life.

I don't have to worry about my mom going through her stuff and getting rid of it, every time she moves she gives it to me and my brother and this last move was no different LOL! Now I have to get rid of some stuff to fit in the other stuff. I sound like George Carlin ;)

Anyway, you were missed and I was happy to see a comment from you <3