21 July 2017

of frozen pizza and dear old dad.

don't judge me & don't be hatin'
cuz sometimes there are times when moments blend together and before you know it it's dinner time and nothing has been planned. it's those times i grab a packaged pizza from the deep freeze, doll it up (extra cheese, veg, seasonings) and shove it into the oven till it's crispy (love the crunch!) then devour it. well, part of it. 1/5th of it to be honest. thankful for a husband who doesn't mind an occasional packaged meal! and thankful it doesn't happen on a regular basis but sure is a nice convenience option.

my father arrived in sacramento last saturday night, after delays and transfers and everything in between. exhausted, both he and one of my sisters (sandy - who assisted him in this 3k mile journey), medical transport picked him up at the airport curb and followed us to the skilled nursing facility. sandy is power of attorney.. as such she saw that the admittance process was as streamlined as possible. she's extremely organized. upon arrival dad was greeted, introduced to his room, his personal needs were cared for, then into his gown and into bed. within minutes he was asleep. poor guy was absolutely beat. through the night i guess he attempted to get out of bed .. so a CNA sat at his bedside. all night. ensuring his safety. we were immediately pleased with the care at this facility. he has stated often how friendly 
and nice the staff is to him. soooo thankful!

i've been spending time with him every day. like a mother hen who's in reality a daughter .. wanting to make sure everything is as it should be and that the care he receives is excellent, respectful, professional, and with love. it is. i'm pleased. have been offering a *daily dose of dad* via text messages along with captions and pictures to my 431 sisters. 

dad is settling in well his first week as a california boy. he's meeting other residents, joining in for bingo twice a day, meals in the dining room, and loving the food. he's officially a member of the clean plate club. food is very important to him .. he's a fantastic chef (hm. was..actually..as he can no longer cook) but in the past few years especially his ability to assemble a meal, much less walk (which no longer is possible), was becoming more and more challenging. so having someone prepare and serve his meals is a blessing for sure! i bring him fresh fruit all cut up which he loves. he closes his eyes as he eats. cute.

he has a cell phone now and teaching him how to use it is a new lesson in making things amazingly simple. if you know me well you know that i'm not exactly techy by nature. ahem. so this is stretching me as well. thankfully though he has one of those jitterbug flip phones with the humongous numbers and bright screen. sandy set up the phone and it's up to me to teach him how to use it. teaching an old world 87 year old man how to use a technological marvel is nothing short of a miracle. so please pray i'll be able to teach and he'll be able to learn. it's the only way for him to gain contact with his family, as he doesn't have a room landline. and you know what? i'm kinda liking that jitterbug phone thingymabob. wink.

a sweetie-pie bloggy friend and (most of) her family is coming to NorCal for a visit soon. and they're staying with the hubs and i! will share more at a later date and with her approval. so excited to finally meet her face to face and get to know her children. 

tonight the hubs and i are bringing dad a ham sandwich to go along with his split pea soup. the  menu called for egg salad and he's not having any of that no thank you very much. so a ham sammie it is. then he has plans in the realm of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune .. every night. he and his roomie watch together.

need to skidaddle. i have a dog to walk, a bed to make, laundry to dry (and take to dad tonight), a trailer to check out for a friend, an early afternoon nap (woke at 3:15am), some necessary organization tasks, then visiting dad after the hubs gets home from work. full day.

hoping  your day is everything wonderful..
and then some. blessings......... 


Adrienne said...

No judgment for the frozen pizza, dear friend! I love that you dress it up a bit. How fortunate your father is to have you close by now. It's a lot of work for you but you will never regret this time you give to him. I know that from experience. I'm sure you are making his days brighter. I'd better check into the jitterbuggy phone things!

the uncommon pearl said...

A full day, indeed! I'm so glad you get this precious time with your Dad. May the Lord give you the strength, grace, and a healthy dose of continued humor to lovingly oversee his care. Yes! Been there done that with the phone thing! We found it helpful to write out in clear and bullet type instructions exactly what to do to make that thingamabobber work! Of course sometimes the piece of paper was lost! Maybe use his bulletin board. I'm thankful that he is getting good care, and I love the fact that he is participating with others. These are all praises! Hugs, dear one.

copperswife said...

Sometimes a frozen pizza, or other packaged meal, is the thing that makes an evening meal possible and peaceful. So glad to read that your dad arrived and is settling in well.

Deanna Rabe said...

No judgement on the pizza here either! Goodness! I love that your dad is in such a great place, and that he is settling in! My parents watch Jeopardy and Wheel every night too! I've seen commercials for the Jitterbug! I think its great! Before too long he'll get the hang of it!

You are free to share as much as you want about our visit! I'm so excited to get to hug you in person, dear friend! My girls are going to love you, and wait until you meet Isla! Be. Still. My. Heart. she's precious! You and the hubs are amazing to have us all!

Sherry said...

i'm needing a new phone ..
the hubs wants me to go in a different direction
away from the jitterbug idea. wink. for now.
next time we meet up let's do frozen pizza. haha

Sherry said...

if dad had better vision it'd be an easier task..
such is not the case. and once an amazingly strong man
(he was a body builder and power lifter.. and featured
in muscle man magazine in the late 40s) he barely has
strength to hold his fork or press the numbers on the phone.
but he insists on wearing his new techy friend in the pouch
i bought - 'round his neck for easy access. oh. and even
though the sound is at maximum, he's unable to easily here it.
bless his sweet heart.

Sherry said...

it's wonderful seeing dad every day..
when my sisters come to visit that's when
i'll take breaks. maybe get away with the
hubs and pooch in our neato trailer. :)
frozen pizza rules.

Sherry said...

***I*** like jeopardy and wheel! i also like lawrence welk.
should i admit to that in public? wink.

soon i'll hug you. can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, during busy seasons of life, convenience is the order of the day! So glad you're enjoying this precious time with your dad. ♡

And I'm a little jealous (but of course happy for y'all too!) that Deanna and family get to come see you. Can't wait to see the pics from the visit. You're both such lovely ladies, I'd love to meet you both! Maybe someday....

-Michele N.

Anonymous said...

So thankful your Dad is in a good place. So thankful for frozen pizza!!! Life is full and not always easy. I am grateful there are easy meals to pick up (frozen or Chick Fil A) once in a while. That is a gift. No guilt sweet lady. I love to hear how you and your sister are carin for your Dad. So sweet!!! I can see him eatin that fruit ;-) !!!~tammy

Red Rose Alley said...

Sherry, I'm glad your dad is settling into his new place. And I bet you're relieved that the staff is helpful and nice. There's nothing like a frozen pizza to put in the oven at the end of a hectic day. I like the fact that you add some more veggies and cheese. This look really good.

Have a nice time with your blog friend. They are the sweetness in our lives, and I've only met one in person. : )


Sherry said...

convenience is bliss ;)

can't wait to hug deanna.
baby isla is coming too..along with her parents
of course. i have a little surprise for her. ♥
3 other of deanna's children are coming as well.
and we'll even have dinner with her parents one
night. pinch me! ♥

Sherry said...

oh hey .. they know me (lately) at chick-fil-A! wink.
my sister is back home in SoCal after putting daddy's house
up for sale in florida. i'm the central point so they'll
all (sisters) come to sacramento, stay with the hubs and i,
and visit dad. ♥♥♥

Sherry said...

well miss sheri .. i'd ♥ to meet you face to face.
let's plan that, shall we? :)

having dinner with dad sunday evening.
pork ragout is on the menu. dad's excited
to treat us. i'm leary of the entre'.

Anonymous said...

Glory!! I love me some CFA!!!!!!!!!!! Life is about balance so i love the chicken, super salad, and FROSTED COFFEE!! Oh my!!! Yea, they know us here too. Its all good. Good organization. We live not far from Headquarters. Have gotten to visit and hear it is a great place to work...anywho!! You are precious to love you daddy like that. You sisters will be a huge support i am sure and Lord willin you will get to visit more with them!!! Time is a gift. Lord bless ya'll as you care for him and each other!!

Deanna said...

Your pizza still looks delicious! Pizza is one of my favorites. All the best to you as you adjust to having your Dad closer. God bless,

Kim said...

I just popped over to meet you from Deanna's blog. How wonderful of you to host her family and it sounds like you all had a great time. Blogging is a true treasure, isn't it? I am glad your dad is doing well. My mom is 87 and in a nursing home. She has Parkinson's and after having her at home for several years with nurses and lifts and special beds, the care she required became more than what we could provide. We also love her facility. The people are lovely and honestly care for and about her. I go up several times a week we watch old movies together...but if I wasn't there, Jeopardy would be the name of the game. 😉

Sherry said...

thank you, deanna. ♥
we're on wave 2 of 3 .. of folks visiting and staying at our home. will be coming up for air shortly. i hope. wink.

Sherry said...

thanks you for visiting, kim. :) i'll pop over to your blog in a jiffy.. one of my sisters (and her hubby) are here for a visit. they'll go see dad together while i take a break today. thinking of going out for an iced coffee and people watching. or a nap. hm. yes, a nap!